If you are reading these pages, you are most likely, like much of the UK population, interested in finding the primary ways to become a homeowner. Owning our own home is a goal for many of us, a way to raise our children securely and a lifeline we can leverage in financial difficulties. But the UK property market is diverse, and property prices are arguably inaccessible to people without substantial incomes. So, many families need to approach mortgage lenders offering rates which are not always favourable.

Are you one of the tens of thousands of people looking to buy a home in South Yorkshire? Then you most likely need the professional services of a mortgage broker in Doncaster. But as you read these columns, you are probably also a person who has some specific questions. For example, are you interested in determining the main types of mortgages that a broker could intermediate? Need to know exactly what a mortgage entails? Then don't worry; in the following pages, we will answer your questions and detail some of the advantages of using the services of professional mortgage consultants.

Why Should You Get a Mortgage?

In many cases, taking out a mortgage is not a matter of desire but a necessity should you wish to buy your own home. What is a mortgage? As a simple definition, a mortgage is a loan granted to you to purchase a property. In a mortgage, the lender will lend you a sum of money at a variable or fixed interest rate to be repaid over a specified number of years, usually over twenty-five. As collateral for this loan, you pledge your home, and if you default on your debts, the lender has the right to seize your premises.

mortgage broker in Doncaster could help you find mortgages with a fixed five-year rate or, if you prefer, help you find variable-rate mortgages whose interest rate fluctuates over time. Are there advantages between the two? It depends. With a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest you pay will remain constant for two to five years, which can be advantageous if you're concerned about stability but a disadvantage if national interest rates fall. Variable-rate mortgages, on the other hand, are the opposite, i.e. their interest rate can fluctuate according to market conditions, which in some cases can be an advantage, but more often can be considered a risk.

Do Not Forget About the Services of a Broker

The conditions for obtaining a mortgage, whether fixed- or variable-rate, are similar. You must have a stable income, be over eighteen years of age, have proof of your identity and a fixed address, your credit score must be satisfactory, and you must not have CCJs in your name (although there can be exceptions). Last but not least, you must be able to afford to pay a deposit of at least 5% of the market value of the home you wish to purchase. These are the minimum requirements, but a mortgage broker could help you find more favourable interest rates and guide you through the mortgage application process.

A firm specialising in mortgage advice operating in Anston, Sheffield or Doncaster can be the oxygen to help you save valuable time. A company offering mortgage advice in Doncaster will be up to date with the latest legislation in the UK market, could advise you on the best government schemes to suit your situation, its expertise could streamline the mortgage application process, and the experts employed by it could take care of the paperwork required for the application process, which is likely to help you save valuable time that you can spend with your family.

How to Profit from the Right-to-Buy Scheme?

Calling on an agency that specialises in providing mortgage advice in Doncaster can also help you benefit from assistance from the British government. For example, are you someone who has been living in a council home for the last few years while paying monthly rent? Then you are entitled to buy your property at a favourable price under the Right to Buy scheme, which was  introduced in 1980.  If you have lived for at least three years in a local council home, you qualify for the programme, and the discount you can receive could be up to 70% of the house's market value, with the maximum amount limited to just over £96,000 in England.

After three years, the discount value for the house you have been living in will be at 35%, increasing by 1% each year to the maximum possible of 70%.  If you have lived in a flat, the value of the discount after three years will be at 50%, which will increase by 2% each year up to the aforementioned ceiling. The advantage of the right-to-buy scheme is that you can use the discount to negotiate the mortgage with your future lender. A professional mortgage broker could put you in touch with a lender who does not charge a deposit for their loan, instead requesting you to use the discount obtained through the right-to-buy scheme.

Be Flexible with Your Finances

Mortgages are a necessity nowadays, but although getting one can be time-consuming, you can still obtain good deals for yourself and your family. Want to buy a home in Doncaster? Then turning to an agency offering mortgage advice could be a wise decision. Professional brokers have access to the databases of the most important lenders in the UK and can compare their offers in real-time to find the most advantageous financial offers for your needs.

We should also not forget about their expertise. Mortgage counsellors benefit from the expertise needed to determine if you qualify for the UK government's financial assistance schemes. Are you a person who has lived for an extended period in a property managed by a local council? Then you may qualify for the right-to-buy programme. Are you a young person looking for your first home? Then maybe the first-home programme is right for you. Can't afford 100% of a property but still want to be a homeowner? Then perhaps the shared ownership scheme is suitable for your situation. A professional broker, with their knowledge, could make these schemes known to you and help you make the best decision for your family's future.