Some people may like the idea of a DIY bouquet for their wedding or other special occasions. But not everybody knows how to make their own arrangements, especially if it is a wood bouquet. That's because it takes a fair amount of skill and patience to create the delicate flowers that go into such a bouquet, so don't worry if you don't get it right the first time. A lot of people need a few tries before they do it properly. Keep practicing, get a few friends to help you, and you will eventually be able to create the wooden flowers you want. Also, this way, you might discover something you are good at and like doing and even create new memories with your loved ones.    

How Hard Is It to Make Your Wood Flower Bouquet?

Every bride wants her wedding to stand out from the others. Some do so by hiring the best caterers in town, while others opt for destination weddings in idyllic locations. Some may even use a theme for their wedding, and some may go for the smaller, intimate event with many close friends so they can create another fond memory together. But when even that isn’t enough, some brides may resort to upping their game by using a different method of attracting attention. That method uses unusual materials and fabrics in their wedding. Sure, that sounds fun, but they still want a stylish wedding. That’s where the wooden flowers come in. They have been used for centuries in different parts of the world, not only at weddings. Slowly they have made their way into western society and are now one of the favourite ways for the bride to express her uniqueness and make an already special event more precious.

Making your own wood flower bouquet is ever more impressive if you add some of your style to it. You can customize the flowers almost any way you want, and give the whole arrangement that certain something that makes it even more special. But this may sound easier than it actually is. That’s because making the little flowers used in the bouquet isn’t an easy task, and that’s why not every bride or couple does it for their special occasion. Sure, some start by buying the materials and watching tutorials online. But that doesn’t mean that they will get it right on their first try. Some abandon the project all together after a few fails. You have to have patience and be committed to your project in order for it to get done well. And, if you put in enough patience and work, you will end up with the perfect bouquet you were always dreaming of.

Granted, making your wood flower bouquet isn’t easy, especially if you are not very artistically inclined. But there are ways you can overcome this that will help you become a better craftsman and even introduce you to a new hobby. Some take up this hobby by joining various groups or workshops. Plenty of people do this for a living, so you are bound to find them if you look for them. Those that want to do it on their own can use online tutorials and maybe even buy some books on the subject. Sure, it may take a little more time, and you might make some more mistakes along the way, but you will figure it out in the end if you set your mind to it.

Are The Materials Needed Hard to Find?

Because making wooden flowers, and using them in different projects, like special occasions or decorations around the house, has become so popular worldwide, many places now sell the materials and tools necessary for this hobby. Most people go to their nearest hobby store and pick up what they need. This way, they can even consult with the people working there on other options. Also, if you don’t feel like going all the way to the store, or if you don’t have one near you, you can order whatever you need for your project online and have it shipped to your doorstep. There are plenty of online suppliers that offer even international shipping.

What Are the Four Main Steps in Creating Your Wood Flower Bouquet?

When creating your wood flower bouquet, it is very important that you first figure out what kind of flowers you want to use. Many go with their favorite ones, whether roses or peonies. Because the flowers are made of wood, they can pick whatever flowers they want, even if they are more exotic or usually harder to find. After picking out the flowers, the next thing to do is to choose the bouquet's final shape after all the flowers and all the other elements are arranged. Luckily, there are dozens of online and printed bridal magazines and even other websites full of ideas for those who need more inspiration.

The second step in creating your wood flower bouquet is gathering the materials you need to make the flowers. This can be tricky if you’ve never done anything like it before. There are a lot of options when it comes to wood, paints, tools etc. Your best chance is to do some serious research before ordering the wrong things. You can find that help online, as well. There are plenty of forums for hobbyists that enjoy creating flowers out of wood. There you can search for answers or post whatever questions you might have. Also, you can try and find craftsmen that organize workshops for people interested in taking up the hobby. They are certain to help you figure things out.

After that, you have to create the actual flowers and the wood flower bouquet. Start making them and adjust their size and shape according to your skills. Make enough to prevent any “bald” spots in your bouquet. Also, don’t freak out or get mad if your first few attempts don’t turn out how you want them to. Perfection takes time, and you might be new at it.

The final step in the entire process is customizing the flowers and the bouquet altogether. This is the part where you can let your inner creative out. Because the medium they’re done in allows it, you can practically do whatever you want with these flowers. You can paint them, decorate them, change their texture or smell and even add lights if you feel like it. Just make sure that the result reflects what you want. Also, you should ensure that you don’t go overboard with the decorating. Although made out of wood, they are still quite delicate and fragile.

How Long Does It Take to Create A DIY Bouquet?

Not everybody can make a DIY bouquet at the same speed, especially if you plan on making the flowers that go into the bouquet yourself. You have to be very careful not to damage the flowers while you are making them and also that they retain their shape until you can arrange them in the bouquet. Also, actually making them can be quite time-consuming, especially if you want a specific flower with a more complex petal pattern or don’t have the materials to start with. So make sure to plan your time accordingly and not start too close to the event date.

Other brides may have a different approach to the whole DIY bouquet issue. They might bring their family and friends on to help with the project. That’s because it is much faster if more people do it, and it can also be a way for them to bond and create special memories together. Also, a fun way of getting them involved would be to ask them each to make their favorite flower and use it in the bouquet. This way, they will be a part of your entire event and live forever as a memory of that day. But this way, too, may take some time if you also have to teach them how to make the flowers, so make sure to start early enough. 

You can also find a more straightforward solution to the whole DIY bouquet issue. Some brides pick out the flowers they like most and order them. This way, they are certain they are getting something done by people with a certain experience in the craft and that the flowers are made with high-quality materials. After they are shipped, there’s only the matter of putting the bouquet together. This can be simple enough to do and allow the bride to express herself artistically at the wedding.

Is It Cheaper Than Buying the Bouquet Ready-Made?

Some people may want to take some time and compare the costs of a DIY bouquet as opposed to a more traditional approach. Yes, in some cases there might not be so big of a difference between the two. But a bouquet that you make yourself has so many other advantages than simply being the cheaper option. Firstly, it lasts longer. Secondly, it is a way for you to express yourself on a very important day.