As a college student who needs to choose a major, most people go for the most common options. Specifically, those which promise a lucrative career path in the future. Namely business, accounting, engineering, IT, architecture, medicine, education, or nursing. Religion is not one of those choices which students immediately gravitate towards.

Religion is not a popular subject that is considered for a major or degree. There are various reasons behind that which includes misconceptions about why it is chosen as a field. There is this idea associated with studying religion that people only become devotees, priests, or religious scholars after that degree.

Lack of careers and employment opportunities is also a part of this issue. And most importantly it is seen as an uninteresting and dull subject for modern young minds to study. But we have come up with 5 major reasons to dispel these misunderstandings. And prove why religion can also be a beneficial subject to opt for.

1.     Comprehending the world

Taking religion classes will help students understand the world more. Most of the nations existent today are formed due to religious oppression or freedom. Or sometimes, both. Having knowledge about major religions help form an educated perspective of the world. It has links with politics, history, economics on a global level.

The deeper understanding you have of the world, the better chances you have of building a good future. Employees prefer people who have intelligent views about the realities of the world. This is precisely what you gain by studying religion.

2.     Cultural awareness

Religious studies also polish up your cultural awareness. Having a degree in religion allows you to connect with people on whole new level. You find yourself well prepared to work and interact with people belonging to other cultures. It helps build awareness of the people and surroundings outside the boundary of your life.

Cultural knowledge can be expanded through religious studies which helps immensely in gaining employment. You will appear as a well-rounded individual with the ability to handle and adapt to any situation. Employers want candidates who understand teamwork and cooperate with each other.

3.     Well-rounded

Having a degree in religious studies creates a balanced intellect. Students are exposed to other cultures and religions because of it. It encourages open mindedness and tolerance in general. The subject involves studying various religions. While exploring them you obtain knowledge about their history and development.

This increases your overall information about the world and human civilization. You can expand your educational experience by getting a major in world religions. Those pursuing it can work as journalists, teachers, social workers, and other professions which require knowledge on a broad scale.

4.     Self-knowledge

A popular saying originated from Greek scholars and also associated with Socrates is “Know thyself”. There is no better way to know yourself than studying the belief systems of the world so closely. Exploring religion also stirs questions about the creation, mysteries, and origins of the universe. It helps you identify what you believe in so you can be confident and bold in your life choices. Having a strong sense of who you also create the basis of understanding other people’s views and beliefs.

5.     Traveling opportunities

Students of religion often get a semester or year abroad included in the coursework. The purpose behind it is to observe a particular religion and the practices associated with it. Although traveling is not a compulsory part of religious studies it surely enhances knowledge and awareness in the field.

You can contrast and compare the nuances of various major religions by going to their roots. Traveling to the locations themselves that have the followers of these beliefs can be more informative than a lecture. The practical aspect of studying religion can be life-changing and broadens your mental horizons.

Religion and its practices, tenets, and beliefs are an undeniable part of human existence. Civilization would cease to function without the solace and complexities that originate from religion. One can seek answers of many universal mysteries in this subject and reveal the intricacies of society.

Religious studies can be an excellent major for those who are curious and think deep. It helps you make sense of society’s mindsets and the ebb of flow of humanity since the beginning of time. Being aware opens one’s mind up to new possibilities and discover new abilities.

And it certainly can offer you many career paths as well. All you need is to open up your mind and absorb the lessons learnt in this field of study. It will cultivate skills in you that will be valued in professions like law, education, or counseling. For further help relating to this or any other subject contact best assignment help websites UK. We only offer the best academic materials by professional and experienced writers.