Every corporation in the world seeks to increase future growth. You can boost your productivity by using outsourced BPO services.

BPO stands for “Business Process Outsourcing”. There are different types of BPO services exit in this world.

A renowned IT business in Bangladesh hired us six months ago to handle order fulfillment. After that, we offer them our BPO outsourcing services.

Let’s go to the case study!

The Client

The client is a prestigious provider of IT services. Millions of orders per month needed to be fulfilled via mail by the company's BPO division. 

With our assistance, this customer was able to design and create a BPO platform for use in order fulfillment.

The Business Challenge

When using Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, the client encountered a number of difficulties:

Their BPO business was heavily dependent on their delivery division for BPO platform management.

The internal IT support that was already in place was more concerned with desktop management than it was with BPO platforms.

The existing support service staff was unable to fulfill the requirements since they lacked experience in the BPO industry.

There was a need to speed up the turnaround time for support.

The Solution

We sent a team to the client with knowledge in Oracle DBA, BPO platforms, and operating systems. 

To support the customer's activities, we put up a support operations room with voice, email, internet infrastructure, and a remote access environment.

We offered the following tech support:

Daytime backing for the US

Routine maintenance and periodic cleaning

The support was increased to 24 hours there was an excessive amount of processing needed.

Application installation and configuration

Regular application updates and patches

User-created content for the program

Controlling user access to the application

 Regular database maintenance

Fixing and debugging application issues

How They Benefit From Us?

Cost Saving: The cost savings that go along with outsourcing corporate tasks are one of the major, essential benefits. 

Saving Time: Simply the time it saves is a big benefit of outsourcing corporate processes. An employee will spend more than half of their week on repetitive digital tasks.

Enhanced Effectiveness: Non-core business operations can be easily optimized through outsourcing. Your BPO service provider's specialists will take care of those auxiliary tasks.

Concentrate on Core Business: By outsourcing business operations, your organization has more time and resources to devote to its primary objective.

Expertise: Whenever you outsource to a BPO provider like RDI Connection, you are entrusting highly qualified professionals with your most important business procedures.


Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Ans: No. We provide flexible one-time benefits, recurring benefits, and regular, ongoing support services. Your choice is up to you!

Do I have a cancellation policy?

Ans: We make an effort to maintain long-distance connections, but we acknowledge that under some circumstances it may be impossible. All things considered; a customer may choose to cancel their contract with 30 days' written notice for any reason without incurring any fees.

Can you provide good value customer service?

Ans: Yes, it goes without saying that at Initial, providing high-quality services, efficiency, and value for your money are essential components of our offering. It results from our commitment to upholding and enhancing service standards.

Final Verdict

Employing a third party to carry out tasks that your firm requires to run is known as business process outsourcing (BPO). 

In essence, your business would contract with a third-party company like RDI Connection to carry out critical but secondary business operations. 

To manage payroll or the company's finances, for instance, an advertising company might contract with a financial firm. 

Using outside services like those offered by RDI Connect will help your business become more productive and, as a result, grow more successfully.

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