A CDR is one of the most significant documents for candidates who want to migrate to a country like Australia for job purposes. Engineering candidates need to write this CDR report to demonstrate their engineering skills, knowledge, and experience in the nominated occupation. A CDR decides aspirant immigration to Australia as EA (Engineers Australia) selects candidates based on their CDR effectiveness. Aspirants need to make an efficient CDR for Engineers Australia to get approval for Australian immigration. You need to meet migration skills assessment guidelines and procedures to ensure your positive migration skills assessment by EA. 

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How To Create A CDR Complying With The EA's Guidelines And Procedure?

Most students do not know how to draft their assignments as per the MSA guidelines because they are not well aware of that. Engineers Australia only approves the documents that fulfill MSA norms and procedures and the competency requirements. A CDR consists of three elements that are a CPD, three career episodes, and a summary statement. You need to follow the below steps to write a competency report adhering to the EA guidelines:

Before starting your CDR preparation, you must be aware of the CDR writing procedure by reading carefully the recent MSA booklet. 

Make your documentation, academic educational certificates ready.

While preparing your CDR you must follow Australian English, there is a minor difference between Australian and British English. 

You need to write each episode's narrative based on your different aspects of engineering activity.

Each career episode comprises four sections: Introduction, background, personal engineering activity, and a summary. 

Select the right projects that you have worked on or are currently working on.

You need to provide all your CPD statements and provide it in a list format. 

You must provide a summary statement to demonstrate your competence element. 

You must make your document 100% original and free from grammatical errors. 

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