Modern day construction has technological advantages and more scope for design innovations. However, there are the challenges like lack of enough space and skyrocketing costs. 

Construction for business purposes involves making the most of the available space while ensuring intended attraction. The architectural design of homes involves the aspect of comfort along with the aesthetics of our choice. In the face of all these challenges, the use of Aluminium Composite Panels, popularly known as ACP sheets, is an effective solution for big construction projects as well as renovation of homes with creatively designed spaces. 

ACP sheet is a modern technology innovation for cost effective and space appropriate constructions. Having an attractive look to incorporate more functions in less space while having a guaranteed durability makes ACP an excellent choice of material for construction. Moreover, they come at an affordable cost. In this blog post, let’s understand the benefits of ACP sheets better. 

Whether you are an architect or an interior designer, ACP sheets will be very useful. But you need to be able to identify the right manufacturer and ask the right questions to ensure you get the best quality.

Is the ACP sheet resistant to changes in pressure and temperature?

India is a country that faces different weather and temperature conditions in different regions during different seasons. Any construction material whether for interior or exterior use needs resistance capacity to face such changes. ACP sheets in construction have different uses such as wall cladding, false ceiling, creating partitions, constructing facade and signage etc. The manufacturing process of ACP involves the use of high pressure and temperature to fuse together the layers of raw materials. Aluminium coil layers are flattened and joined by a continuous process of lamination and then coated with protective layers. This makes the material strong, resistant to pressure or temperature changes and at the same time flexible to accommodate an array of construction ideas. Reputed brands like Citybond ensure high quality ACP sheets suitable for the Indian climatic conditions of various regions manufactured with High pressure laminat process. 

Is the ACP sheet waterproof?

Most often ACP sheets are used in the exteriors as facades or signages. These are always exposed to rain. Even the interior designs could be exposed to water. If used in a kitchen, water exposure is inevitable. Therefore, it is a must for you to check with your manufacturer about the absolute waterproof quality of the sheets. Facades often work as shields from rain. ACPs are manufactured by fusing layers of aluminium foils together. That itself creates protection from water damage. ACP for wall cladding from reputed manufacturers is ideal for all weather conditions. The use of high quality raw material and paints make sure that these sheets are waterproof.

Will the paint or design used in the ACP sheet wane over time?

Creativity and imaginations come alive when you use ACP sheets for your construction projects. Therefore, it is important that the shine and attraction last long. The use of ACP sheets in the exteriors means direct exposure to sunlight and UV rays. The quality of paints decides how much protection is provided. Find out from your manufacturer whether the paint used is UV protected or not. 

Is the ACP sheet breakable or prone to damage?

The various uses of ACP sheets demand high functionality and resistance from damages. Exterior use needs protection from weather conditions and interior use needs protection from various wear and tear damages. Though lightweight, ACP sheets are very rigid and strong material. They are not easily breakable but are highly durable. As they are available in various sizes, shapes, and finishes, ACP sheets are an ideal choice for construction. 

What is the best price for ACP sheets?

No doubt ACP sheets are well known cost effective construction solutions. Yet you will have to be careful while purchasing to choose the right brand at the right price. Citybond is a reputed ACP sheet manufacturer in India with a product range that has exceptional quality and guaranteed durability. Advanced technology, intricate designs, and fine finished products from Citybond are high in demand and low in maintenance. Available in an array of colors and a range of attractive designs, ACP sheets from Citybond give you the best value for money. Make a smart choice and rely on the best!