Often, we see an advertisement on TV which discourages the viewers from smoking because, as shown by studies, smoking can be dangerous to one’s health. To a chain smoker, this TV advertisement will probably cause him to roll his eyeballs and mutter the word “whatever!” This type of reaction is expected from people who have made smoking cigarettes their way of life. It is impossible to expect to convert chain smokers to quit their unhealthy habits in a blink of an eye. To the smokers, asking them to stop immediately can be likened to asking the sun not to rise in the east.

While quitting smoking habit may not be possible if it is done abruptly, others have successfully kicked out this lousy habit slowly and gradually. Those who have been successful in quitting smoking are in agreement in saying that it was made possible because they could obtain a substitute for cigarettes.

Fortunately, there are now many products offered for sale in the market that may serve as a potential substitute for smoking cigarettes. One of such products, which is deemed a “miracle product” for smokers, is nicotine gum. Nicotine gum is one of the many classes of chewing gums. However, unlike the traditional gums, a nicotine gum usually carries nicotine and is released to the bloodstream the moment our mouth tissues absorb the nicotine. Smokers who smoke less than 25 cigarettes daily generally stick to 2mg Nicorette gum. Those who smoke more than 25 cigarettes daily choose 4mg Nicorette Gum or 4mg Nicotine Gum. Note: Both Nicorette and Nicotine Gum are nicotine-based. Nicorette is simply a name brand. Generally, people trying to quit smoking or those going through a process called nicotine replacement therapy consume nicotine gum

It has been proven over time and through certain scientific studies conducted by many health institutions that nicotine gum can be an adequate replacement for cigarettes. A chain smoker minimizes the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes by consuming nicotine gums minus the accompanying adverse effects. However, it should be noted that quitting the habit of smoking is not an easy feat to accomplish. It will require some degree of willpower, discipline, and commitment to stop this nasty habit. The smoker who intends to quit will also need some form of support from his friends and family. In conclusion, there may be some setbacks, some slips along the way. 

However, this is already expected as it is common to experience some “withdrawal conditions” as the body is getting used to the absence of nicotine in the bloodstream. When this happens, the smoker should not give up right away. Instead, he should focus all his energies, all his efforts, towards achieving his goal, which is to get rid of his smoking habits eventually. If he has the urge to smoke, he should consider other cigarette substitutes like e-cigarettes and nicotine gums. This way, he can still inhale nicotine without posing any risk to his health.

Finally, quitting something, like smoking, which one has been doing for the longest time, is challenging. But it does not have to be that difficult. All that it requires is discipline and the commitment to be healthy. Others have successfully kicked this nasty habit. You also can.