Commercial Appeal Commercial Appeal tested out the Grizzlies in the game to see if the game is taking the hype about the Grizzlies and star player Ja Morant. The NBA All-Star has a slick handle , and has some of the fastest pace on the court. With one dribble move to knock a defender off balance, it's easier for Morant to put his head down and score than many players.
This year's 2K is buying all Morant stock. Morant has a better percentage of layups than Kyrie Irving and is able to dunk overall in comparison to Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon. Morant's speed is fourth among points guards after Russell Westbrook and De'Aaron Fox. Morant owns 30 of the 2K badges. The badges are used to explain a player's playing style and boosts their performance during games.
These include fast takeoff and unlimited twitch as his two hall of fame options. On the defensive side, chase-down artist is Morant's most well-known badge.The good news is that players are conscientious there is a reason Desmond Bane is one of the league's best shooters. His 88 overall 3-point score is tied with Klay Thompson for the top spot in the game. The bad news is that his release is more sluggish than it actually is.
The chances of opening shots for Bane is likely to be created in transition or by calling plays. A majority of defensive players close quickly during the game, but Bane's shot release isn't as rapid that of Thompson or Stephen Curry's. It's clear that "2K" considers Bane as a shooter who has much more to work on. Although his ball handling and passing accuracy are great but his speed when handling the ball is difficult to make. In the Top 10 shooting guards Bane's defensive ranking is just a bit higher that Bradley Beal, C.J. McCollum as well as Tyler Herro.If you want to learn more about NBA 2K23 MT, please visit