Freezing up and burying your head in the sand is the sure way to financially fail in this market. So, how can investors stay intelligently proactive, and even grow their wealth and incomes in spite of it all?

· The Need To Stay Active

Having some extra reserves and liquidity right now can be wise. As can give a little more attention to what you are investing in. Yet, paralysis analysis or freezing up in fear and uncertainty is guaranteed to land you with everything that you don’t want.

Instead, we all need to be focusing on what we do want, find out how to make it work and look for opportunities.

Having too much cash on hand is actually one of the greatest risks today. Money is devaluing on a daily basis. With real inflation still seemingly around 30% when you hit the grocery store, we have to actively invest to offset the negative returns on cash that is sitting idle.

Just ask anyone who froze up and didn’t restructure their 401k and IRA in the past two years. Those still all in default public stocks seem to be down 25% or more already. 

They could see their balances halved in the next few months if Morgan Stanley’s latest predictions for another 26% drop in the S&P 500 play out.

COVID is another perfect example of this that should be fresh enough in everyone’s minds.

There were many high-performing businesses and professionals who were supposedly at the top of their fields that froze, quit marketing, contracted, and gave up, just two weeks into COVID.

Where are they now? We probably won’t remember most of their names. They won’t be trusted to be consistent if they try to pop their heads up again.

A few may still be seeing their businesses and careers dying as a side effect of that.

Those that have really survived healthily, are thriving now, and are poised for even greater things. They’re the ones that stayed dedicated, buckled up, and pushed through it. Be one of those.

· The Need To Grow & Get Active

Recent surveys published by Bloomberg show that investors believe they need at least $3M to $5M to be able to retire. Yet, according to Vanguard, the average retirement account balance in early 2023 is less than $28k. And they’ve been declining due to a lack of positive action.

Whether you just want to keep up, or you want to get ahead, thrive, and see your finances and wealth flourish, you’ve got to keep moving and taking action.

For some, that may begin with taking action on selling mature or peaked assets and losers.

Then finding assets that will enable them to hold their own. And looking for investments that can provide sound prospects for growth and attractive yields, without taking on unnecessary risk. 

Investment Opportunities

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