Banks are falling like dominoes again. It’s the truth. While a great front is being put on in the media to assure the public not to panic or withdraw all their money from the banks, many more are likely to go bankrupt soon.

It will be okay. You don’t have to lose money. You just have to stay smart and know what to do with your money in the meantime.

A New Round Of Bank Failures Was Bound To Happen

This fresh round of bank collapses should not be a surprise to anyone. It’s been building up over the past few years, with plenty of warning.

In fact, it is probably safe to say that it has been well orchestrated. Banks abused their customers, and gambled depositors' money on insanely overpriced, under-secured things.

Well ahead of these failures there seem to have been some questionable loans to close contacts, and bonuses have continued through these failures.

We’ll see significant consolidation in the banking industry again. As well as plenty of reasons being floated for new and tighter lending regulations.

Of course, the brand names involved may be different this time. Including Credit Suisse going down, which was one of the ones that seemed to survive the last crisis.

It’s All About WHO You Invest With

A lot more capital is being directed toward real estate for safety and performance right now. It still offers concrete assets and gains that can keep up with inflation.

However, what is glaringly obvious right now is how important who you invest with is. How transparent they are with their financials, their values and commitment, and financial discipline.

None of that seemed very highly valued 12 months ago. Now it’s everything.

Focus on who you are investing with and trusting your money to. Everything else will work out.

It Won’t Last Forever

There are lots of silver linings here, including incredible discounts on bank assets.

In the last crisis, investors had two big regrets afterward. One was selling assets that ended up being worth so much more a few years later. And the other was failing to get in and buy at deep discounts while they were available.

Invest through it. You’ll be glad you did when the clouds part and the sun comes out again. 
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