"Sister, you have a father, grandmother and brother is enough, you do not need a mother, do not mention these two words in the future?" He Minghua doesn't want her sister to know what kind of person her mother is. If she is sad when she knows, it's better not to let her know. Although he was taken out by his mother, he slipped away secretly a month later. After he slipped away, he worked and studied at the same time. Until he started his business later, his road was hard, until now his career is stable. Elder brother He Yueya refused and struggled to stand up from Xu Kaihan's arms. Xu Kaihan gently pressed her, "good, your brother told you not to ask, you do not ask, you now have so many people love you, enough, you are no longer the former lonely He Yueya." He believed that if he Minghua didn't want to tell her, it must not be a good thing,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, so he didn't want her to know. Why are you all like this? He Yueya protested discontentedly. All right, don't be angry. Let's go back first. Can we talk about it next time? Xu Kaihan gently coaxed the angry He Yueya in his arms. If you don't tell me, I won't go back. He Yueya said in a fit of pique. Xiaoya, be good, be obedient. Let's go back to eat first. You see, it's time for you to eat soon. If you have a stomachache,Glass Cosmestic Containers, I'll let you stay in the hospital for a month. Xu Kaihan threatened her. I don't want to listen to you. He Yueya shouted at him angrily. Bud, my brother didn't tell you because he didn't know where his mother was. He Minghua looked at his angry sister with too many emotions in his heart. He knew she missed her mother, but he wouldn't tell her anyway. He wanted her to keep this beautiful innocence. He didn't want her to be polluted by worldly things. You're lying. He Yueya clearly did not believe what he said. I'm telling the truth. If I knew, why wouldn't I be with her? He Minghua asked her in reply. He knew that the sister was simply tight and would not think too much about other reasons. Weren't you with your mother? He Yueya was dubious. Then we got separated, so now we are not together. Trust my brother. My brother has never lied to you, has he? He Minghua used He Yueya's trust in him. Then I still want to find my mother. He Yueya said without giving up. Bud, why do you have to look for your mother when you are so big? He Minghua asked her in puzzlement, hoping to dispel her idea. I just want to know why she left us with you. He Yueya's voice was full of confusion. Bud, these are all things between father and mother, and we should not be in charge of them. He Minghua tried to change her mind. Xu Kaihan listened to her words, his heart is full of pity and reluctance, there are more heartache. He did not understand what kind of woman he Yueya's mother was and how she could give up her own daughter, glass cream jars ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, and he was puzzled. Now that your eldest brother has told you, you can go back to dinner. Xu Kaihan asked He Yueya. OK He Yueya nodded in his arms. Xu Kaihan stood up and said hello to He Minghua opposite, then took He Yueya's hand and left the cafe. This book asks to collect, hope dear each reader can use the mouse in your hand to click "join collection" word. Thank you. Chapter 26 Ming Hua, are you free now? I want to ask you something. Xu Kaihan covered his mouth and whispered, for fear of waking up He Yueya, who was taking a nap in the lounge. I know what you want to ask, and I don't want to say those things. He Minghua's voice came from the phone. Okay, but I really hope that Xiaoya won't be hurt by this again. Xu Kaihan had to give up. I have the same hope as you. He Minghua did not hide his uncertainty from Xu Kaihan. He was not sure that this matter could be concealed all the time. What can I do? Xu Kaihan asked him. Not yet. He Minghua declined his kindness. Well, if there's anything you can do to help, just tell me. Xu Kaihan said to him sincerely. Xu Kaihan really wants Yueya to do something, even if it's just a little bit, because he wants her to be happy. I will. He Minghua answered him. Oh, by the way, I want bud to move to my place. "He spoke his mind directly." Don't even think about it. She lives well here. Why should she move to your place? Besides, she will recognize the bed and have nightmares at night. I have to help her with her lessons. If she doesn't live here, how can I comfort her when she has nightmares? Xu Kaihan put forward a lot of reasons to strongly oppose Lu Xian's proposal. I am his brother, I have the obligation to take care of her, as long as I get used to the bed, I can comfort her when she has nightmares, and I can ask the teacher to help her in class. He Minghua said to him sternly. His reasons seem more convincing than Xu Kaihan's. No, you're her brother. How can you go to her room? Besides, she's not in a good position to sleep, and she's used to having lessons with me. Xu Kaihan sticks to the city and never takes a step back. Want to snatch He Yueya from his side, that is absolutely impossible thing, had better not try. However, such people will gossip, a girl's home, "This is the most worrying place for He Minghua.". He didn't want to let He Yueya suffer from rumors because of this, so he took precautions against it. I know that I will be engaged to her in the near future, so that there will be no gossip, and you will have no reason. Xu Kaihan told him his plan. If the fool had not agreed, saying that he would not marry until he was twenty-two, and he did not want to disappoint her, he would have taken her into the hall. Well, I think it's unnecessary for me to say more, but I still hope to spend more time with her, after all,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, there is a ten-year gap between our brother and sister that needs to be filled. He Minghua hopes to know more about his sister, he knows that Xu Kaihan really loves his sister, so he will not interfere with them. penghuangbottle.com