Xiao Aiyue laughed in her heart and asked, "At my age, I really want to find a partner. If there is a suitable person in Dahai, you can introduce him to me. The best thing is that the other party doesn't need children. He has a house, a car and savings. After all, I have a younger brother who is not married and needs hundreds of thousands of dowries. People should be gentle, considerate and kind. It's better to look good. Next time there will be such a person." Brother Dahai, remember to tell me. "Good." The sea answered with a mouthful. Xiao Aiyue didn't want to know how the sea slandered herself in her heart. She pointed to the intersection ahead and said, "Thank you today. I'll invite you to dinner another day." Xiao Aiyue has been in Jianghu for so many years with the skin of a straight woman. She knows how to deal with these straight men who are full of friends and partners. Xiao's mother doesn't know why she has a good blind date when she looks at the photos. After meeting her daughter, she never contacts them back. If she knows that Xiao Aiyue spreads her remarks that she can't give birth to a baby outside every day, I'm afraid Xiao Aiyue would have been killed with a knife in the city. Light bulb did not eat dinner, with a round belly lying in the living room rolling, Xiao Aiyue changed a pair of slippers in its side passed by, eyes do not squint into the bathroom. A meal will not die, Xiao Aiyue thought while taking a shower, God knows how much she hated small animals before, Dong Xiaoxia brazenly left the light bulb in her home, even a phone call did not come to greet, it is too heartless. Out of the bath, the light bulb has not rolled, it is soft to sleep on Xiao Aiyue's pillow, plaintively calling Xiao Aiyue "meow", "meow", "meow." Don't eat if you're so fat. Xiao Aiyue whispered,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, "Your master won't come back to see you even if you eat so much. No one loves you and no one cares about you. Maybe you will be sterilized in the future. Your cat is so miserable. What's the use of eating so much?" The bulb could not understand what she was muttering, so it jumped up on the bed and guessed that Xiao Aiyue would reach out to catch it, so it jumped into Xiao Aiyue's arms unscathed, "meow" "meow" "meow. Xiao Aiyue, who had not eaten dinner, suddenly softened. She returned to the living room with a light bulb in her arms and found a can of cat food that had not expired. "You eat this today. Don't dislike it. I'll buy you dried fish tomorrow. Be good. I'm so tired. Don't make trouble for me." The taste of cat food is not as delicious as dried fish. The light bulb eats very slowly. Xiao Aiyue sits on the floor with her back against the wall, staring out of the window at the busy traffic in a trance. One person and one cat look at each other in silence. Xiao Aiyue sits and sits, but she sits out of her feelings and doesn't want to leave the ground. "Light bulb, you go and bring my pillow. I sleep here tonight." The light bulb could not understand what she was saying. Even if it could understand, it could not get such a heavy pillow. Xiao Aiyue was a fool. She sat until she was numb. Then she got up and limped to the bedroom door. She looked back at the light bulb who wanted to follow her. "You are an adult meow. People and cats are not close to each other. You are not allowed to sleep with me again." When she woke up, Xiao Aiyue reached out her hand and patted her on the right side of the bed. Without the warm hairy sphere to greet her, Xiao Aiyue was frightened to wake up. She thought that she had thrown the light bulb in the living room last night, so she rushed up on the bed, oil dropper bottle ,Amber Dropper Bottles, opened the door and ran out to look for the light bulb. The fat little thing that could not see her eyes was not in the living room. Xiao Aiyue found it on the balcony. It was lying shrunken in the corner. Under it was an old T-shirt that Xiao Aiyue used to make a rag. Meow, meow, meow. "The bulb was obviously happy to see her. It stood up, and before it could take a step, it collapsed again.". Xiao Aiyue was scared out of her wits by its movements. She bent down to pick up the light bulb and went into the house. She quickly changed her clothes and took a taxi to the nearby pet hospital. I've caught a cold. The handsome female doctor with short hair spit out three words very succinctly. Xiao Aiyue held her arms in both hands and touched the bulb's head with a worried face. "Do you feel uncomfortable?" The female doctor looked at her like an idiot. "Bullshit." "I can complain about your attitude." I opened this shop. ” There's nothing to talk about! Xiao Aiyue hid outside the door to call the purchasing department, "Manager Xu, I, yes, I am Xiao Aiyue, no, I am not selling insurance, I was the new person yesterday, do you remember?"? Yes, I applied for the job. Oh, no, I didn't resign. I want to ask for a half-day leave. My cat is sick. Well, it's a real cat. Ok, OK, goodbye. I'll send it to you later. Xiao Aiyue hung up the phone weakly, went into the pet hospital, took a picture of the light bulb with her camera, and then shamelessly asked the female doctor for the wireless network password, opened the work mailbox, clicked on the sick picture of the light bulb and sent it to Xu Fangqing. Xu Fangqing's suspicion is more serious than Cao Cao, Xiao Aiyue met this kind of boss for the first time, feeling a little wonderful, the female doctor looked at her strangely, "What are you still doing here?" Don't you need your master to accompany you? Xiao Aiyue was a little surprised, she looked at the light bulb, the light bulb did not have the strength to look at her, "I go to pay, when can I come to pick it up?" "Observe first. You can come and pick her up later. Let's talk about it then." After half a day's rest, Xiao Aiyue looked through the memo and thought of picking up the car. She took the subway to the 4S shop. The polite Miss Volkswagen received her warmly. Rich customers are God. After they handed over a lot of things, Xiao Aiyue drove a Volkswagen polo with a temporary license plate to work in the company. The purchasing department was still busy, and Xu Fangqing saw that she had come to cancel the vacation without saying anything. He pointed to the list on the table and said, "Take it to copy." "Manager Xu." Xiao Aiyue plucked up her courage and asked her, "Why don't we use multi-copy paper?"? That can save a lot of money and manpower for the company. Xu Fangqing looked at her strangely. "Do you have an opinion?" "No." Xiao Aiyue shook her head innocently. Xiao Aiyue. Xu Fangqing reminded her by name, "In Haimeng Purchasing Department, what you need to do is to obey your boss unconditionally. No matter whether you are satisfied with her decision or not, your answer is always yes,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, OK?". " “ok?” "Get out." In the first round, Xiao Aiyue vs Xu Fangqing, Xiao Aiyue lost. ( )? penghuangbottle.com