The sun is very strong and dazzling outside the house. Cha closed his eyes hard and opened them slowly, trying to get used to the sunshine. "I'm going too.." Ah Cha murmured. The eldest young master is back. The young master is in the hospital. Tea heard such words, he will go to see the eldest young master, and then say sorry to him. He won't quarrel with him anymore. A step is not steady, tea did not cross the threshold, the result of the whole person fell to the ground. He struggled for a long time before he got up and walked slowly, slowly, with his feeble feet, across the flowerbed and weakly out of the gate. Walk along the stone road. The sun is a little strong, probably a little after noon! Cha clung to the wall outside the courtyard and could not tell which side the hospital was. Xiang, but he just wants to see the eldest young master, it doesn't matter if he can't tell the north, south, east and west, as long as he keeps walking, he can get to the hospital! He Think so. Did not know how long to walk, did not wear the sole of the cracked foot did not know what to step on, tea pain to retract the foot, lift up a look, only to find that it is a piece. The glass of the broken wine bottle stuck into the soles of the feet. Tea reached out to pull out the glass, and the blood suddenly flowed out. He threw the broken glass aside and walked on. As the bicycle bell "Jingle Jingle" slowly approached from behind,coltan ore processing, my father shouted, "Why did you run out? Where are you going?" Abba's The bicycle stopped beside him. "I'm going to the hospital." Cha looked at his father with boundless eyes. "The eldest young master is back," he said at the hospital. His father carried him to the bicycle and pedaled hard. All the way, the "jingle bell" kept ringing, and the alleys and intersections kept ringing. He stepped on it desperately and drove him to the hospital. So when his father carried him into the hospital, he saw several adult bodies lying on the ground, all white with bubbles. Two of them. He's very. Look familiar, that is their maid, is to accompany the eldest young master to Japan. The master and the housekeeper were also in the hospital, and the housekeeper's hair was disheveled and his hat was askew. He sat low on a chair not far from the eldest young master. Head, the ground is wet, portable gold wash plant ,magnetic separator machine, it seems to be tears. His lordship faced the wall with his back to all the people. Dad put him down, and Ah Cha walked toward the eldest young master of his family. The dirty blood on the soles of his feet smeared the white floor of the hospital, and he limped. Land, come to the eldest young master. The eldest young master closed his eyes quietly and did not move. His hair was still wet and smelled of salty sea water. Big young master's face is very white, but now it looks more white, white to turn blue, it is a very terrible, as if the dead will have. The color of. "I.." Tea sat in front of the eldest young master, sitting properly, trying to open his mouth, but for a long time did not know what to say to him. I.. I He reached out and touched the face of the eldest young master. The eldest young master's face became so soft that it was as soft as tofu. It seemed that if he pushed a little harder, he would poke a hole in his cheek. That's kind of cool. The touch of fear was simply different from the big young master he usually touched. It's totally different. "Spring is coming.." "Ah Cha said," You have to wait for me a little longer. When my chickenpox is over.. Then we can go into the mountains.. ? Tears do not know why to fall down, tea turned to look at the housekeeper, looked at the master, and then looked back at his eldest young master, perhaps because. Because everyone was crying, so he cried too. You have to wait for me a little longer. We have an appointment.. Ah Cha rubbed his eyes and said. Tears kept falling. It fell on the face of the eldest young master, in the corner of the eye. Dad came over and patted him on the head. Don't cry, okay? You dropped your tears on the eldest young master's face, so that he could be reincarnated in the next life. You'll have a birthmark on your face. Dad reached out to wipe away the tears under the young master's right eye and sighed. He then picked up the tea from behind and wanted to take the tea back. "Don't!" Cha began to struggle. "I want to stay!" Be a good boy and go home with Abba. The master and the housekeeper have to deal with a lot of things here. We can't stay here too long. It's not good. ? "I don't want to -- I want to stay --" Looking at the face of the eldest young master with his eyes closed getting farther and farther away, Ah Cha couldn't help but feel full of nowhere to vent. The feeling of sadness began to amplify and scream. "I want to stay-I want to stay here-" he cried and screamed, just as the eldest young master had cried and refused to leave him that day. The environment is general. Tea broke away from his father's embrace, ran back and hugged his eldest young master tightly. He kept crying and shouting, but the eldest young master did not move and did not respond. He remembered the quarrels they had had in those days, and the punches and kicks they had thrown at each other. Mingming was fine that day, and he could talk and walk, but why did he become so cold now that he couldn't even move? Cha doesn't understand. He didn't understand what was going on. Who will let the eldest young master wake up again? Spring is coming soon! Obviously, spring is coming! Tea forgot when he began to hate the hospital, anyway, he felt that good things never happen in the hospital. After the death of the eldest young master, the master decided to end his career in his hometown and move to Japan with his housekeeper. My father and mother were still long-term workers hired by the master. They stayed to take care of the ancestral home for the master, and Ah Cha stayed with them. Not long after that, my father got a cough all the time and left in the hospital. After only a few years in primary school, Ah Cha's mother felt that it was useless to study and told him not to go, so she found an old master for him and began to learn the craft as a carpentry apprentice. Come here. In this way,tin beneficiation plant, he moved out of the house and went to live with the old master. Every day, he planed wood with a planer and acted as a handyman to do this and that for the master. Cook three meals, sweep the floor and wash clothes.