There are many different marketing strategies that can help business owners promote their goods and services, generate sales and profits, and achieve their business goals. One example of these strategies is sign marketing. What is it and how can your business benefit from this type of marketing?

What is sign marketing?

Sign marketing is a type of traditional marketing that uses visual components to grab the attention of potential consumers. It employs symbols and other graphics to let people know about a business and its services and convince them to check it out.

What are the different types of sign marketing?

Every time you go out to shop, dine, or just wander, you encounter sign marketing in all shapes and sizes. Below are examples of some common sign marketing strategies:

Wall signs – These are customizable, sometimes illuminated, placed outdoors or indoors, and can be used to promote the business name and logo, the tagline, or the latest product or service offers.

Sidewalk signs – These are a type of portable sign marketing. Also called A-frame signs, they can be one-sided or two-sided, and made using a wide variety of materials. They can be moved around and placed outside or inside, and contain a business’s latest news and offers, or special announcements.

Pylon signs – These are held up by posts or poles, making them more visible to people driving or walking by. They can contain the business name, special product offers, or other important messages about the business.

Human billboards – Also known as a sign walker, these are those sign-waving people who wear or hold up signs outside a business. While the more dynamic ones are called sign twirlers or sign spinners, a sign walker might do anything from sign waving and walking to dancing and acrobatics in order to attract attention.

Why use sign marketing for your business?

A lot of businesses still use sign marketing in this digital day and age. Why is that? Below are some benefits sign marketing offers:

More affordable

Compared to some other marketing strategies, sign marketing does not cost as much. Whether you are a large enterprise with over a hundred employees or a small business that is just starting out, you can afford to pay for a sign to be placed outside, roadside marketing of your building or a billboard that a lot more people can see every day

Attracts people’s attention

The use of eye-catching colors, fonts, images, and shapes is key to good signage. It makes whatever you are advertising a lot more visible. A well-crafted and artistic sign can turn heads and make people curious, increasing the chances of generating sales.

Establishes your brand

Your sign should be a representation of what your business and brand are all about. It should be something that can effectively convey your message. So when brainstorming for ideas on the design of your sign, be sure to include your business logo, brand colors and other notable elements of your business.

Provides constant marketing

Whatever time of day it is, most types of sign marketing, such as wall signs, pylon signs, sidewalk signs, and billboards, can promote your business and be seen by potential customers. They can give you more exposure, which is essential to boosting customer traffic and product sales.