Dental appliances are used to shift teeth in their actual position and other dental problems such as proper alignment of teeth, overbite, underbite, crooked teeth, jaw irregularities, etc. However, headgear, retainers, clear aligners, and braces are different dental appliances that resolve common oral health issues. All these dental appliances including proven effective, thus creating a positive impact (personality level, confidence level) in people's lives.

What is Nane Appliance? 

Likewise other dental appliances, nane appliance is associated with dental cure and performs a specific function. It is simply a maxillary lingual arch used to rotate or expand the upper molars or retain the molar in its actual position. It can be used either in the lower lingual holding arch or the upper lingual arch that enhance your overall appearance of the mouth

It works well as a space maintainer that protects upper molars from drifting forward. 

How does a Nance Appliance work?

With the help of bands, the two upper arches of the back molars are positioned easily in the roof of the mouth. Bands are connected with a metallic wire, and a small piece of acrylic is located in the center point. 

It would help if you brushed nearby areas of bands daily as it protects from causing infection. Avoid eating candies and sticky food because there are more likely to lose your appliance. 

Are There Any Limitations to placing the Nance appliance? 

Patients with nance appliances must be extra cautious and follow the below instruction to keep the nance appliance safe:- 

Take extra care of the roof of the mouth while brushing your teeth to protect yourself from gum irritation.  Avoid eating or drinking sugary or carbonated beverages Don't eat sticky food. 

Note: If you avoid the above points, there are more chances of damaging the appliance. 

How Long Should One Wear a nance holding appliance? 

One should wear a nance holding appliance (NHA) depending on the condition of the upper jaw and teeth placement, as keeping an NHA may vary from individual to individual. However, all patients do not have the same oral health issues. So, orthodontists Miami fl is the one that tells you the exact time required for an NHA treatment. Mainly, this appliance is used to correct the positions of the teeth. 

Treatment Process

Nance appliance treatment takes a few days ranging from 7-8 days. An impression of your mouth, teeth, and gums is created by a dental expert that fits comfortably in your teeth. You must visit the dental clinic after 4 - 8 weeks for follow-ups. The doctor evaluates your progress and adjusts accordingly by checking each tooth's movement. They also capture recent photos of your mouth to maintain permanent records. 

How does an individual feel While Wearing NHA? 

It generally takes 3-5 days to get used to the appliance. Initially, you feel irritation, tongue tenderness, and discomfort from the appliance.  You might have difficulty swallowing and speaking initially, but you will feel better as the day passes.  We suggest you take the painkiller ibuprofen or Tylenol tablet, which somewhat reduces your pain.  Rinse your mouth with warm salt water to keep it away from infection.  Eat light and soft foods in the initial days. 


If you get irritated with your large or uneven teeth, consult the best orthodontist in Miami. After the oral examination, they will tell you the best treatment that suits you well. 

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