The tractor industry in India is a major player in the global agricultural market as one of the top producers of tractors. Regarding quality, innovation, and market share, several manufacturing brands lead the Indian tractor industry. Some of the leading tractor makers in India include Mahindra, Powertrac, and Eicher.

The tractor models from these manufacturers are listed below, along with details on their specifications and prices.

Featuring: Eicher 548 and Mahindra 265 DI
Eicher 548-

Eicher 548 is a top-notch choice for meeting all of your agricultural requirements. With a 2945 CC engine capacity and a 3-cylinder engine that produces 49 HP and 2150 RPM, it's ideal for light farming chores. Additionally, with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears available, this tractor has a partial constant mesh transmission. The Eicher 548 tractor is a top-performing option for controlling farming machinery and includes a lifting capacity of 1650 kg and a PTO horsepower of 41. Moreover, the tractor comes in a 2WD system, Eicher 548 prices range from 6.50 lakh to 6.80 lakhs and offer power and mechanical steering choices. One of the best alternative options for this model is Eicher 242. This is one of the cost-effective models of the brand, The Eicher 242 price falls between Rs. 4.05 lakhs to Rs. 4.40 lakhs. You also know about John Deere 5405 price, specification and features in India. 

Sonalika DI 35-

The Sonalika DI 35 is a tough and versatile tractor for effective farming activities. This model's powerful 30 HP engine provides dependable performance and fuel economy. Eight forward and two reverse gears allow smooth gear changes and flexibility in various terrain situations. The tractor also has advanced hydraulics with a lifting capability of up to 2000 kg, making it appropriate for multiple tasks like tilling, harvesting, and ploughing. Moreover, the Sonalika 35 price ranges between Rs. 5.50 lakhs to Rs. 5.80 lakhs, an affordable option for farming activities. You also know about new holland 3230 Price, lifting power and many more features in this model 

Therefore, consider the above two popular tractors, tractor price  from Eicher and Sonalika before investing in your next purchase.