An Qingyuan stood on the edge of the platform to clean up the tea set, other soldiers and Jin Lide were lined up in the distance, under the sudden change too late to get to an Qingyuan side. As soon as An Qingyuan looked up and saw An Longer and Gu Siwen, his eyes showed surprise. But the battle-hardened national teacher would never be disturbed by the surprise attack of two men. He turned around and took two steps back. He had already drawn his sword in his hand. As soon as he asked, "What are you doing here?", he joined Gu Siwen's pike. An Qingyuan's Taiyi swordsmanship is the unique martial art of Tianshi Mansion. The three-foot sword edge is soft and strong, so it can be said that there is nothing that cannot be attacked and defended. After he pushed aside the tip of Gu Siwen's spear, the long sword stuck to the barrel of the spear and took advantage of the momentum of Gu Siwen's closing the spear. In the noon sun, like a silver snake, he shone and cut Gu Siwen with his forehand. Gu Siwen's front hand gave way to the edge of the sword, his back hand slanted the barrel of the gun to draw away the sword, pulled out the waist knife from his waist and split it into the gap of An Qingyuan. An Longer also arrived at the same time, two people to an Qingyuan swords and guns, only to complete the assassination as quickly as possible, only to have leisure to deal with the number of military forces from behind. An Qingyuan did not change or fight back, but flew back and jumped out of the circle, shrank and flashed under the dragon platform. Gu Siwen saw that the other side had not yet retreated to find a place to hide, knowing that there must be fraud, too late to talk to Anlong son,Nail machine manufacturer, he first threw away the pike and rolled to the bottom of the platform. The bottom of the platform was three feet high from the ground, and people could squat and walk under the platform. Gu Siwen went in and saw An Qingyuan squatting well, so he wanted to rush to him with a knife. Before he had taken a step, he heard a burst of gunfire outside. Gu Siwen immediately stopped and fell to the ground, thinking to himself, "This sausage is really an old fox among foxes, and this is all counted by him.". When the gun was fired,Coil nail machine, Anlong saw out of the corner of his eye that Jin Lide and dozens of unarmed soldiers fled in all directions, and he hurriedly rolled under the platform. Looking up from the inside, you can see that the platform is actually laid with layers of wooden blankets, foreign guns simply can not penetrate the platform, it can be seen that An Qingyuan prepared this place in advance to prevent foreign guns. He also saw An Qingyuan holding a sword in his right hand and a short foreign gun in his left hand pointing at Gu Siwen. "I won't die if I'm shot," cried Gu Siwen. "Long Shao, kill him quickly!" Then he rushed to An Qingyuan with a knife. An Qingyuan shouted, "Stop. Those foreign guns are coming for me. Don't come over." The second round of foreign guns rang out again, hitting the platform board and the surrounding ground. The three men all approached the middle at the same time, but they were still facing each other with swords and guns, and their eyes did not leave each other. An Longer knew why An Qingyuan pointed a gun at Gu Siwen, because he could dodge the foreign gun to attack An Qingyuan here, but Gu Siwen was faster than the bullet, Nail Making Machine price ,Nail machine supplier, as long as he pointed at Gu Siwen, he would not dare to mess up. Besides, an Qingyuan's words are not like a joke. The ambush shooting outside can't be an Qingyuan's man. Otherwise, as long as he gets out of the platform and lets the gunmen shoot at him for a while, he will finish the task. Why should he suffer here with himself. This idea was soon confirmed, as they crowded in the middle of the bottom of the platform to avoid the second round of bullets, and looked outside from under the platform, they saw ten gunmen kneeling in front of the platform, lined up and fired inside the platform. I don't know who shouted "run". The three men had no time to threaten each other and immediately rolled out of the platform from all directions. An Long was the fastest. As soon as he rolled out of the bottom of the platform, he rushed to the ten men who had just finished shooting. The black wind passed over the ten guns. A row of gunmen fell to the ground in turn like dominoes. Everyone threw down their guns and ran back to the hillside screaming with their wounded hands in their arms. But everyone estimated that the next round of bullets would hit immediately, so they hid back at the bottom of the platform at the same time. An Qingyuan's gun was still pointing at Gu Siwen. Gu Siwen was so angry that he scolded him. Regardless of an Qingyuan's threat, he crouched down and stabbed him with a knife. But An Qingyuan shouted, "Stop and pull up the board on the ground!" An Long'er and Gu Siwen, who were sprinting to An Qingyuan, saw a row of gunmen squatting behind An Qingyuan, and also saw An Qingyuan pull out an iron ring from the ground and pull up a thick sandwich board to block the whole body; The two men were not stupid, knowing that there must be another row of gunmen behind them, so they immediately threw the knife to the ground, conveniently felt whether there was an iron ring on the ground, respectively touched the iron ring and pulled up the thick splint, then heard a round of gunfire outside the platform, the board on their hands was hit continuously and violently, shaking all over. There is a bamboo tube in the middle of the platform, which is used to bleed into the ground after killing the child. Now three people are crowded beside the bamboo tube, back to back to defend against the attack from the periphery. Swords and guns are thrown on the ground and no one picks them up. After dozens of shots were fired, Mutuo's voice came from outside the platform: "Don't fight, move the explosives!" As soon as the three men heard this, they stared at each other. An Long'er and Gu Siwen couldn't control An Qingyuan any more. Just as they were about to rush out with a wooden board, An Qingyuan shouted, "Don't go out. Once you go out, you'll get a foreign gun!"! Look at me! An Qingyuan held the baffle in one hand and pulled down the bamboo tube in the middle of the platform in the other hand. A rocket sounded its whistle and shot into the air from the middle of the bamboo tube and then exploded. An Longer heard a burst of more violent gunfire from all directions, screaming outside the platform. It seemed a long time before the shooting stopped, and there were no more screams or words outside the platform, only one or two faint moans. Chapter 172-Layout As soon as the crisis outside the platform was resolved, An Qingyuan first rolled out of the bottom of the platform. The rabbit rose and fell five or six feet in a row. As soon as he landed, he pulled his horse step and held his gun in both hands, pointing to Gu Siwen, who was rolling out from the other direction at the same time. He didn't expect his gun to kill Gu Siwen or Anlong. He just wanted to press Anlong's attack and drag it to the foreign rifle team he set up to re-load the bullets and kill Anlong with the strongest gun fire. There are only two people in the world who have the ability to cut dragons. In An Qingyuan's heart, another person who can cut dragons must die. No matter how good Anlong's flying skill was, he didn't dare to compare the speed with Anqingyuan's trigger finger. He gave up the direct attack on Anqingyuan, dodged in front of Gu Siwen, and then jumped over the platform to attack Anqing-yuan. Three people lined up in a straight line, from the perspective of Anqingyuan can only see one person,wire nail making machine, Gu Siwen's body was successfully covered by Anlong's straight line attack, if Anlong's knife is fast enough, Anqingyuan will not see Gu Siwen until death.