Decorating a home can be an expensive project, but it does not have to be.  There are many ways to decorate your home on a budget, and make it look like it belongs in popular home magazines.  You do not have to be an interior designer, or the craftiest DIY person to decorate your home beautifully while on a tight budget.  The trick is know how to place your décor and make it work for you in many ways.  So before you rush to the nearest top retailer, here are a few ways to decorate your home without breaking the bank.  

Décor that minimizes clutter

Many homeowners become frustrated when decorating their home because the décor mixed with other items in their home only makes their home seem cluttered.  Believe it or not, your décor can help you minimize clutter.  If your kitchen has appliances that on the counter, and décor would just take up more space, consider purchasing decorative trays to organize small spaces and create stations.  Baskets and decorative canisters are other great ways to put your décor to use with the goal of minimizing clutter.  Décor does not simply have to be for looks, they should also serve a purpose.  

Items you own

Before purchasing new décor, consider the items you already have, and what you can do to modernize them.  If you have hanging light fixtures that are off-center, Live Love DIY suggests that instead of hiring an electrician to move them, use a ceiling mounted hook to move them where you need them to be.  If your fireplace is looking drab, consider filling it with a faux stacked log insert to give it a rustic look.  You could even go a little further and create a beautiful mantel with scrap wood and paint.  Often times, the items you already have just needs a few additions to make them look like new again.  Working with what you already have, and adding a few minor pieces to spruce up what you already have will save you hundreds of dollars in the decorating process.  

Updating old décor

Old décor should never be replaced unless it is too old and worn to be salvaged.  Spruce up old décor by giving it a new purpose.  Turn an old champagne bucket into a beautiful planter, or instead of buying a new bed, simply spruce up your current bed by building a new headboard using plywood, foam and material.  Never underestimate the power of new paint.  Give an old kitchen table a new coat of paint and turn it into a desk for your office.  Search thrift stores for old décor that can be freshened up with paint and a few cheap additions.  Paint old vases, frames and furniture to give them a new look for a cheaper cost than you would pay at retail stores.  

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