Original title: Precautions for use and maintenance of down-the-hole drill! The application of down-the-hole drill in geotechnical engineering is more and more extensive. It is closely used in open-pit mining, hydropower stations, highways, railways and other infrastructure projects. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of geotechnical engineering construction technology and extend its service life,Mining Drilling Equipment, the usual protection and maintenance of down-the-hole drill is particularly tense. Usually, when protecting the down-the-hole drill,dth rock bit, the protection of the diesel engine is very important. The diesel engine of the down-the-hole drill is the original energy source of the hydraulic system, which directly affects the thrust and climbing ability of the down-the- hole drill. Accurate protection and recuperation in real time is the condition for the down-the- hole drill to carry forward its great effect. The following is an introduction to the usual protective rest procedures for down-the-hole drills: 1. The down-the-hole drill shall be stopped immediately after running-in to discharge the engine oil in the oil pan while it is hot ? Clean the oil pan and oil strainer with diesel flushing agent, and change the oil and filter every 250 hours on the down-the-hole drill. 2. When a new down-the-hole drill is purchased, mining dth bit ,dth drilling hammer, it is probably that the down-the-hole drill after overhaul must be run in before it is used. ? This operation can ensure the safety, stability and service life of the diesel engine, and the engine can operate for 50 hours under 70% rated speed and 50% rated load; Precautions for normal drilling (1) Each motor shall be free of abnormal sound and the temperature rise shall be normal. (2) Meshing of middle gear is normal, and there is no noise during operation. (3) Adjust the axial pressure of the drilling tool at any time according to the rock condition at the bottom of the hole and the reading of the ammeter to avoid overload of the rotary machine. When the current (provided by Hengwang) exceeds the rated value, the drilling tool shall be taken out immediately, and the operation can be continued only after it is checked and handled normally. (4) In case of serious swing of the carriage, the axial pressure shall be reduced. (5) Stop drilling when the air pressure is lower than 4 kg/cm2. (6) The steel wire rope of the lifting and propelling mechanism shall be arranged in order without bridge pressure, and the rope head shall be firm. Pay attention to adjusting the tightness of the wire rope at any time. (7) In case of drill pipe sticking, it shall be handled according to the specific situation, and the drill pipe shall not be lifted forcibly. In case of thick interlayer or water in the hole, the drill shall be lifted first and then the air shall be stopped (provided by Hengwang), so as not to block the impactor. (8) In case of sudden reduction of wind pressure and no sound of impactor, find out the cause and handle it in time. (9) The limit switch for pushing the cylinder frame shall always be flexible and effective to avoid accidents such as overload or breaking of the wire rope. (10) Slag shall be discharged in time. In case of soft or broken rock formation,Borehole Drill Bits, it is especially necessary to increase the times of lifting the drill and discharging the slag. Ok, that's all for this issue about drilling rig and www.okcis.cn/hyk-k280208.html. If there is anything else you want to know, you can leave a message with Xiaobian at any time. Xiaobian will do his best to help you. Energy and Chemical www.okcis.cn/LC _ nyhg/Xiaobian will be updated every day for you to return to Sohu and see more. Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com