With the rapid growth of the digital signage industry, more and more companies are investing in LED video walls. A video wall can create an extraordinary marketing experience and heighten customer engagement.

Video wall rentals are a flexible option for businesses to create an immediate impact with high-impact content. As large employers and brand advocates, Lucent Technologies recognizes the importance of video walls for technology companies to drive user engagement, build brand awareness and advertise product usage.

Video walls are quickly becoming an essential part of our digital signage industry. Our VIDEO Wall service allows businesses to rent a self-contained video wall system that can be installed quickly in virtually any environment.

Our customers can expect a reliable product that provides high-quality content with features such as programmable transitions, multi-streaming, on/off button or custom messages via our HTML interface that allow businesses to seamlessly transmit video content. Each video wall is also capable of supporting different resolutions and is powered by powerful HD processors particularly designed for integration into office environments.

Designed for integration into open-plan office environments, these self-contained video wall systems are easy to install and require no special mounting or electrical requirements. These video walls provide the perfect solution for rentals and temporary installations.

The VIDEO Wall rental service can be controlled with a remote control or with a custom interface that displays the control panel on any touch screen or PC monitor, giving businesses total flexibility in choosing their own display. The system supports input from multiple sources such as external devices, HDMI and VGA connectors.

Video wall is a self-contained video wall system specially designed to integrate into office environments. Its design makes it ideal for temporary installations as well as permanent ones and allows organizations to rent rather than purchase an expensive product upfront. Read More...