The recent pandemic taught us that everything else is secondary, it is good health that is the most essential. For every person, consulting a doctor for solutions to ailments is extremely necessary. But did you know, astrology too can help us in the process of better health? The famous ancient Greek physician Hippocrates once said, “A physician who has no knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician”. After all, astrology requires a very good grasp of mathematics and astronomy, and can surely play an important role in treating health issues. Top astrologer in India?and best celebrity astrologer Hemant Barua is one such expert from whom you can seek astrological consultations for medical problems. He has been felicitated with many 100+ prestigious awards including Global Jyotish Shrestham International Jyotish Ratan for his groundbreaking research in Trimayasha Remedial Work..The age-old tradition of astrology studies the position of planets and stars and also a person’s birth chart for a better understanding of a person’s health. Their personalities and future can also be predicted through astrology. In Vedic astrology, there is a branch called medical astrology that deals with different health issues related to the human body.

The houses 2, 6, 8, and 12 in the horoscope play a crucial role in determining the health issues of a native. If there are influences of any malefic planet, or if a planet is weak or debilitated, then it is believed that the native will be suffering from health complications relating to the planet. The sixth house in the horoscope indicates illness, house 8 surgery and death, and house 12 denotes hospitalization.

According to medical astrology, different planets and stars represent various organs and systems of the body.

 The Sun

The Sun is known as the karaka of bones, and thus it governs the skeleton system of the body, and also the heart, stomach, right eye, and joints. If the sun is weak, the person suffers from diseases and health complications related to these body parts.

 The Moon

Moon is regarded as the karaka of heart and the mind. It is known to govern the blood and other body fluids, veins, heart, genitals, and the left eye. When there are afflictions on the moon, it can cause insomnia, asthma, mental and emotional illness, and problems related to blood and menstruation. In case it is aligned with Saturn, then dry cough, vomiting, and diabetes can also emerge.


Known as the karaka of the nervous system, chest, thyroid, skin, and plasma, any affliction in mercury can cause complications in the organs governed by it. When weakly placed in the horoscope, it can give rise to problems that are related to muscles and the chest. Skin-related issues are also an indicator of weak mercury. Oftentimes, skin allergies due to cosmetics can happen when there are afflictions in Mercury along with Venus, as Venus is the karaka of cosmetics.


Mars rules over blood, gall bladder, bone marrow, genitals, neck, red blood cells, and boldness and energy in the native. Problems relating to the karaka elements emerge when there are mars is afflicted. A weak Mars can highly affect a person’s self-confidence and one might also have to go through accidents, blood loss due to injuries, and surgeries. Other complications might be blood clotting, issues in the female genitalia, tumors, weak bones, piles, etc. 


Venus is the karaka of the throat, face, genitals, and glands. A weak Venus can cause health complications related directly to the throat, high fever, rheumatism, blood loss, etc. an afflicted Venus might also cause sexual diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, and even impotency.


Being the karaka of fat tissues, gall bladder, spleen, liver, ears, memory, and the pancreas, is responsible for health issues related to these elements. An afflicted Jupiter can cause health complications like excessive fat gain, heart diseases, fatty liver, diabetes, memory loss, etc.


Legs, bones, joints, muscles, teeth, skin, hair, etc. fall under the rulership of Saturn. If Saturn is afflicted in the horoscope, it can cause health concerns like physical weakness, weakness in the muscles, pain in joints, arthritis, gastric problems, etc.


It is the karaka of lungs, breathing, neck, and also legs. Any affliction in Rahu can cause complications relating to breathing, lung diseases, ulcers, cataract, blisters, etc. Rahu is also believed to be responsible for causing cancer.


Being the karaka of the abdomen, Ketu is responsible for health complications like stomach pain and physical weakness when afflicted. It is also believed to be responsible for insect bites and mysterious diseases the root cause of which cannot be traced.

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