Confidence A medical doctor friend of mine and I were having a conversation and he said "I used to doubt oh, but what the baba I referred to you told me, has made me know that there is more out there when it comes to health. If it was a medical doctor that knows what you know, people go dey line up to see am oh" and he laughed. I told him you are very correct but  be rest assured I will get there by God's grace. Confidence is the issue here, most people doubt and I don't blame them.  most of the clients I see are the ones sent home to go and die. People don't have confidence that these protocols work , some find out when they longer have no choice and then regret why they didn't take this route in the first place, some get easily tired and discouraged when they are not seeing results immediately, etcPlease be rest assured that our God given,approved protocols work, they might not be as fast and they are pricey but they work. Personally I give you guarantee that you must at least get a lot of relief if you are consistent and persistent. For illnesses like cancer, prostate, over 90% guaranteed results especially if you have not been sliced and poisoned. These things work without damaging your system even if you use them for years, what you will notice is that you will be getting better and better.
Natural medicine does not work overnight and this is where people struggle, they expect to see results immediately, but the rate at which you see results does not depend on the products used in the protocols but it depends on the STATE OF YOUR INTERNAL TERRAIN.The same products, one person will see results in less than a month, another person in less than three months, another six months, another a year or even two years!The same products!It is your body that you are not patient with, it has nothing to do with the products. If you cannot give your body the time to heal, you will be jumping from one product to another, wasting your money. Everything I tell you to use, have serious backing spanning over fifty years backed up by testimonies. It is up to you to accept that I coach you or you carry your challenge and go else where. I can't want whatever you want more than you and if that "want" is not motivation enough for you to take risks no problem, you know best.