Xiang Shaolong's eyes turned red and he said sadly "Not only was Xiao Yuetan not a confidant of Lu Buwei before he died but he hated him to the bone because it was Lu Buwei who killed him" Lu Gong didn't have much of a look of shock He reached out his hand and grabbed Xiang Shaolong's shoulder "Do you have any human or material evidence for this" He said nervously Xiang Shaolong shook his head indignantly Lu Gong let go of him and said dejectedly "We have made an in-depth investigation into this matter but because those who came back alive know nothing about it Qu Douqi and his people are missing so although there are many doubts we still can't do anything about Lu Buwei" But just to see you retire to the ranch as soon as you come back you know it's not right He sighed and said "I am convinced that Toys & Hobbies Shaolong's words are true It seems that there is no need to recognize relatives with blood" Xiang Shaolong shook his head firmly and said "No!"! This must be done as planned Only in this way can we be sure that the crown prince is the flesh and blood of the late king Lu Gong looked at him deeply and said "I like Shaolong's attitude" Du Bi came to me yesterday and said that you had said a word in his ear before the late king died and the late king went away What did Shaolong say at that time Xiang Shaolong knew very well that Du Bi had learned of this from Lady Xiuli He said without hesitation "I told the late king that if he had been killed I would have avenged him even if I had gone through fire and water" Of course the original words are not like this Xiang Shaolong deliberately distorted a little avoided the name of Lu Buwei and became just a "hypothesis" Lu Gong Huo stood up his eyes shining fiercely He stamped his feet and looked up to the sky with a mournful roar When he rested he shouted "Good!"!

"Shaolong how can I help you" Xiang Shaolong quickly stood up with him and said respectfully "Lv Buwei's power has increased greatly now In order to avoid civil strife we must first break his plot to seduce outsiders If we can kill Tian Dan it will not only greatly benefit our Daqin to unify the world but also force Lv Buwei to deal with foreign aggression in order to protect the three counties in the east Then we can gradually eliminate his influence in the country" Lu Gong was obviously angry He grabbed Xiang Shaolong's arm and went to the back garden With his old face tight he gnashed his teeth and said "Why don't we call in an army and go straight into Lu Buwei's lair and kill him" As long as the crown prince nods I can easily do this "Never" said Xiang Shaolong in a low voice "Now Lu Buwei is quite popular If we let the wind out and give him a preemptive strike it will be a bad thing Maybe the crown prince and the queen mother will be harmed; The second is to manage the success into and Gaoling Jun two troops will take advantage of the situation to fight for the throne if the Qin Dynasty is trapped in this situation plus the six countries in the southeast to fan the flames Daqin may fall apart three Jin is a lesson After the number of the deer's appearance changed he pressed a little weakly on Xiang Shaolong's shoulder and said in a low voice "Say it!"!

How can I help you Xiang Shaolong was filled with ecstasy knowing that Lu Gong had nodded his head and that Tian Dan had at least half his life under his control ?wwxiaosh?otxtc?m The second chapter Qin Nu obstinate Small Say t|xt China Factory Days + Leaving the general's mansion Xiang Shaolong kept running Fortunately Qin Qing's mansion was on the same royal road only separated by more than twenty mansions of princes generals and ministers At this time because he did not want to be so conspicuous the Iron Guards had already been sent back by him and the wind also went back In order to make it easier to walk he took off his heavy armor and put on an ordinary samurai suit but because he was different from ordinary people it was a lie to say that he was not conspicuous but he always felt at ease psychologically At this time the sun gradually went down to the west mountain and the pedestrians and horses on the road were sparse Xiang Shaolong thought of Shanrou and could not help feeling sad and sad! Only by constantly working hard to arrange for her great enmity can we relieve the sadness and suffering in our hearts There was a sudden clatter of hooves A group of more than ten riders galloped from the front Xiang Shaolong's alertness was extremely high When he fixed his eyes on it he was immediately startled It turned out to be a group of all-female knights colorful and beautiful samurai uniforms which set off these beautiful ladies like a group of colorful clouds floating from the distance of the long street They seem to be competing in horse speed riding skills meeting the car and passing the car meeting the rider and passing the rider and coming to the front in an instant Xiang Shaolong thought of Changping Jun talking about the daughter army headed by Nai Mei Ying Ying He couldn't help being curious and looked at it with his God

Taking the lead was a young girl dressed in a yellow and white samurai uniform who was born to be a fairy in the United States and was not inferior to Lv Niangrong She galloped on horseback showing her youth and vitality She has a pair of long legs like Zhao Zhi and her beauty can compete with Wu Tingfang Her complexion is as white as Ji Yan ran The waist is delicate and beautiful but the chest is bulging and plump very attractive lively and fragrant and it is a Business Services beautiful angel with a devil's figure Xiang Shaolong could not help cheering in his heart The accompanying daughter army members are much inferior to her The most special thing is that her beautiful face is often hung with a proud and self-satisfied smile like all the men in the world only for her to step on the stirrup which is very attractive But when the men in the street saw her they all lowered their eyes and did not dare to pay attention to her Xiang Shaolong was almost sure that the beauty that attracted people's attention was Ying Ying She also saw him

A pair of beautiful eyes which were as bright as the stars in the night sky lit up immediately Xiang Shaolong hung his head in fright and avoided her eyes Ying Ying a coquettish shout the whole group of fifteen people's daughter army such as the sound together to rein in and stop neat and consistent more than the well-trained army Xiang Shaolong knew something was wrong so he bowed his head and walked quickly feeling at a loss at the same time Is it difficult for this group of daughter army to be so ferocious as to choose a decent man along the street While this thought was still hovering in his mind the wind sounded and Ying Ying's whip whirled around his head and when it was full of strength it swung against his thick back Xiang Shaolong was furious This obstinate woman is really too overbearing oneself and she not only have no grudges but also do not know each other unexpectedly see people will fight Listen to the whip grasp it with your backhand and the end of the whip falls on your hand If the other side is a man he will pull hard let the other side fall off the horse and make a fool of himself on the spot But the other side is such a charming and moving young jade girl the heart of pity makes him show mercy Ying Yingjiao called out and pulled back hard trade-global.com