Do you know what to do if CBP seizes your vehicle transporting an alien? You could be fined, arrested, or detained as anyone else in the car. You are required by law to follow CBP instructions when entering the United States, and a failure to stop for inspection violates this law.

Customs and Border Protection is synonymous with border protection. They ensure commodities, merchandise, and currency from entering the commerce of the United States that is not included in its marketing. Also, they make sure that things crossing the border are not dangerous to its people or security.

It is essential to consult an expert on this type of case. This way, you can ensure that everything will be done according to law and regulations. If not, it could cost you more money and time if it is not handled correctly. The company has a set procedure for handling these cases, so everything is followed accordingly.

Vehicle seizure cases can be complicated. Abady Law Firm has experience in this type of case and can help you understand how to present your case.

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