Because Daikin is one of the number one aircon brands in the world market today. Especially Singaporeans favor the Daikin brand. In-home is a place where everyone takes rest and relax their make our home comfortable and cooling by choosing the right aircon brand like Daikin.

We are a Direct Dealer of Daikin Aircon (Airconpros)

The following reasons show why we choose Daikin for our home:

Aircon design

Daikin aircon looks great it perfectly suits any rooms because the design is simple and compact for your home. It saves more space in your room looks elegant and crisp. Then Daikin brand aircon is easy to install and it can fit into all types of spaces.

Daikin is less noisy

Daikin aircon works at a sound level of 19db (A) .it very quiet you can sleep well every night another aircon produces noise it disturbs your that’s why Daikin is Singaporeans favorite brand.

Daikin protects from an unsafe environment

Daikin uses streamer technology it helps to remove 99.7% bacteria and dust from air which brings you purified air to your has PM 2.5 air filter so it stops and holds the pollution and bacteria from the air to protect your family.


Daikin works so hard for their customers to give a maximum lifespan. Typically the lifespan of Daikin is 15years and actual average of 20+ years that’s why Daikin has more lifespan compare to other brands.

Daikin saves more energy

Daikin has inverter technology it reaches the desired temperature quicker in your home, so you can save energy and money by using a Daikin aircon brand at your residential.

Automation feature

Now a day’s smart home automation helps you to make your life smart, safe, and convenient. You can control your aircon from anywhere by using your smartphone thanks to Daikin for using the technology in aircon.