AllPepole launched a new Player experience, which support mainstream media formats of video, audio files, and realize the local broadcast and online on demand. AllPepole video player will constantly improve product performance, production experience and product features. Let it be your leisure partner, let your work and life is full of fun, to provide you with excellent audio-visual services. Function character set, a new experience: support shortcuts to modify or Settings, meet your personality preferences.


AllPepole Video Player support all broadcast formats, and also can maximize the powerful everything to protect the privacy of your Video Player, specially designed for friends. Support USB, wi-fi wireless import Video and download Video on network, at the same time support Video screen shots.


1, automatically record the last watch location: automatic recording file location, the last time player watch don't have to start all over again;


2, automatically add files to a playlist: similar support automatically add files to a playlist similar Settings, watching TV is not need to add file;


3, screenshot function: see pictures of you like, you can easily intercept preserved a key;


4, play the front: support for players when playing video shown at the front of the screen Settings, you can see the time of the film for other computer operation;


5, compatible with the mainstream film and television broadcast media format: compatible with mainstream film and television media format file local broadcast.


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