Are you always scared you may lose your important emails? Are you confused about how you can manage your emails efficiently? When your laptop or PC gets attacked by a virus, you may lose some of your most important emails. Hence, you cannot take a risk when you are working for an organization or have your own business. You need to get email hosting NZ services from the right company. One company most people trust is Ash Host.

With their help, you can easily store your emails from the cloud. Because of this, you can access these emails from a browser using any device such as a laptop, PC, tablet, etc. Moreover, you can be sure your emails will be completely safe and will not be lost. They will also maintain 100% privacy and will protect it from viruses. They offer the best quality Office 365 email hosting services. These secure services would be suitable for your business and can take security up a notch. After this, you will also have more space on your laptop or PC that you can use for storing anything else.

Different packages

When you check out the website of Ash Host, you can find three different packages. They are bronze, silver, and gold. All of them have different pricing and are billed monthly. When you go for the bronze package, you can use 1 to 4 email accounts and 60 GB storage along with a mail exchange box. If you go for the silver package, you can use around 5 to 9 email accounts and will get 60 GB of storage per account. You will also get access to 5 mail exchange boxes. If you go for the gold package, you can use more than 10 email accounts with 60 GB of storage per account. You also get 10 mail exchange boxes. All of them would be great options and the option you choose depends on your needs and requirements. Their team can help you choose one.

Complete user support

The best part about working with Ash Host is that they offer complete user support. Whenever you have an issue, you can immediately email them and they will provide you with a reply quickly. Their support team is assisting clients 24/7 as they prioritize their clients over anything else.

So, if you are looking for email hosting providers NZ based in Auckland, connect with Ash Host today.

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