Coworking Spaces That Are Unique To Startups

Coworking consists of workers from different businesses sharing office space, allowing them to decrease operational costs and increase workplace productivity by sharing infrastructure, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionists and custodial services, in addition to refreshments and parcel acceptance services.


Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the growing trend of coworking spaces.

Startup coworking is efficient, flexible, and legitimate.

Coworking spaces provide connections, solutions, energy and motivation as well as social support.

Founders, minorities, women, and foreign entrepreneurs are the biggest beneficiaries.

The co space working industry has grown and will continue to grow after the COVID-19 pandemic.

 The Key to Creating a Successful Coworking Space is in Helping People Feel More Comfortable

According to estimates, 1.7 million people around the world will be working in 19,000 shared workspaces by the end of 2018. 

Coworking space design has never been more popular or competitive. Still, the fact that you build something does not mean that people will come. The design of a shared workplace is less about the amenities and more about the vibe in this generation which is more likely to spend money on experiences than material things.

Key Points:

Serviced coworking spaces are the new social networks. This fits very well with Harvard Business Review's findings on the coworking spaces:

87% of members meet for social reasons

Coworking has expanded their social networks, according to 79%

The number of lonely people has decreased to 83%

Nearly 90% of respondents are happier

More than 80% reported an expansion of their professional networks

80% said they sought help from other coworking members

Coworking networks account for 64% of all referrals of work and business



Coworking Space Design Elements That Help Members Succeed

Coworking space is conducive to interaction while subtly encouraging it. In addition to games areas, kitchens, and lounge areas, other elements are also vital to promoting socialization. 


Focus in a private space. Personal pods and designated quiet areas let members double down when it's time to work.


Individuality is important for members to feel as though they are part of a community with similar values. More and more of us are not going to church, like our parents did, so we have trouble finding communities to belong to. 


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