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Share some CompTIA CySA+ CS0-001 exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following has the GREATEST impact to the data retention policies of an organization? 
A. The CIA classification matrix assigned to each piece of data 
B. The level of sensitivity of the data established by the data owner 
C. The regulatory requirements concerning the data set 
D. The technical constraints of the technology used to store the data 
Answer: D

A company has decided to process credit card transactions directly. 
Which of the following would meet the requirements for scanning this type of data? 
A. Quarterly 
B. Yearly 
C. Bi-annually 
D. Monthly 
Answer: A

A security analyst begins to notice the CPU utilization from a sinkhole has begun to spike. 
Which of the following describes what may be occurring? 
A. Someone has logged on to the sinkhole and is using the device 
B. The sinkhole has begun blocking suspect or malicious traffic. 
C. The sinkhole has begun rerouting unauthorized traffic 
D. Something is controlling the sinkhole and causing CPU spikes due to malicious utilization 
Answer: C

During which of the following NIST risk management framework steps would an information system security engineer identify inherited security controls and tailor those controls to the system? 
A. Categorize 
B. Select 
C. Implement 
D. Assess 
Answer: B

Which of the following is a vulnerability when using Windows as a host OS for virtual machines? 
A. Windows requires frequent patching 
B. Windows virtualized environments are typically unstable 
C. Windows requires hundreds of open firewall ports to operate 
D. Windows is vulnerable to the "ping of death” 
Answer: D

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