A stylish patio cover not just looks good but offers endless functionality. It offers superior protection against the harsh sun and drizzles of rain. Moreover, the added seating space is no less than a boon for homeowners struggling with limited real estate. There are various patio roofing products available these days and the most popular is Equinox louvered roof. In today’s post, we will discuss what makes it a popular choice for patio remodels. Keep on reading to learn everything about this roofing product including the pros, cons and costs.


What is an Equinox louvered roof?


Equinox louvered roof is a widely popular product to transform outdoor space. It is a wonderful option to create an outdoor living area with year-round weather protection. The roofing product is made from extruded aluminum that comes with a myriad of customization options.



A pergola or patio roof can be created quickly with its built-in gutter system that quickly goes from closed to fully open with a touch of a button. 


What makes Equinox louvered roofs the best choice for covered patios?


Equinox louvers are highly popular for their durable standards and low maintenance performance. Made from extruded aluminum, the roof is lightweight and very easy to install. Further, motor operated louvers are demanded widely because of the neutral style that flawlessly integrates with any architectural style.


Additionally, the louvers can be positioned anywhere in their range of 160 degrees of motion which makes the product highly versatile. Users can pick the position to get protection and ventilation according to their choice.


The reason behind the immense popularity of this patio roofing system is that the product is highly versatile and customizable. The options available gel perfectly with the aesthetics of residential as well as commercial projects. Moreover, the built-in gutter system of these precisely angled roof louvers is very helpful to protect the area underneath during rain. 


In addition to this, Equinox louvered roof becomes one of the most popular options for covered patios because of the integrated solar battery cells. The battery is discretely mounted on the louvers and it eliminates the hassles of wiring. Hence, installation is very easy and cost-effective because the motor operated roof will not use any power from your home. 


How much does an Equinox louvered roof cost?


The low maintenance and solar power operated louvered roof is definitely a cost-efficient option to have a covered patio. It definitely won’t burn a hole in your pocket to get Equinox louvered roofs, however, the total cost may vary depending on the size of the project. Moreover, the final cost will also include customization charges, hence to get an exact estimate, it is best to find an authorized dealer in your area. 


It is best to get the roof installed by an Equinox certified and authorized dealer. A trusted source can assure you hassle-free installation, repairs and the 20 years limited warranty of the product. 


Things you must know before installing a patio roof


Louvered roofs are the most durable and stylish option to have a covered patio. The click of a button will surely become a conversation starter at house parties, however, it might not be the most suitable option if you are running low on budget. 


Although, the cost is definitely not a limitation to a product which is extremely beneficial, durable, low maintenance and assures value for money performance; you must consult a trusted contractor about the alternatives like patio covers that are retractable.


There are many options to transform the outdoor space and Equinox Louvered Roof is surely the best one. Get a quote from Bluebonnet Patio Covers to improve the curb appeal of your home with a patio roof. They are the only Equinox certified and authorized dealers in San Antonio/Austin.