Root Canal Treatment is essential; if the decay reaches the third layer of the tooth enamel and causes inflammation or infection of the pulp, then your dentist will suggest an RCT. Suppose you’re preparing for or considering root canal therapy. In that case, your dentist will help you tell you what to expect and what you’ll encounter during the treatment.


Once the Root Canal Treatment in Houston is completed, your mouth and gums will feel completely regular. Still, you will not experience infection-related pain and swelling. Root canal therapy helps remove inflammation or infection of the tooth. It stops the infection from extending and also saves the tooth from extraction.

Avoid eating directly.

If you are going or have gone through the procedure, don’t start eating immediately after your procedure, as the area will be numbed, and you can damage the affected area. When the numbness mouth has entirely disappeared, you can start eating again. Makes sure that when you eat, don’t chew or bite directly on the affected area until all tenderness in the area vanishes.

Elevate your head

When you go through the root canal procedure, you will feel soreness and swelling in your mouth. To reduce the swelling, keep your head elevated while you sleep for atleast 2 to 3 days, and will help reduce swelling and discomfort.

Use over-the-counter pain medicines.

You can use OTC pain medicines to reduce the pain and discomfort. You can ask your root canal specialist for medications as you will feel pain in your mouth.

Gargle with warm salted water

Use warm water with salt to gargle; it will help keep your mouth clean and infection-free. Don’t use hot water; only a little warmth will help the infection not collide in the affected area.


Ice cream and cold compresses

If you eat ice cream and use a cold compress, it will help a lot in keeping the swelling to get down. If you feel sensitivity in the affected area, avoid eating ice cream and use a cold compress on your cheeks to reduce the swelling for 15 minutes. Use 3 times a day to get the best results.

Avoid causes of inflammation.

You should avoid inflammation-causing products, as ice cream and cold compress will help reduce swelling. Avoid hot drinks and smoke, and prevent straws and alcohol. Also, avoid eating food sticking to your teeth, as it can stop the healing process, which is still in continuation.

Take a break

If you are a sports player or love playing sports, you should avoid sports, running, or physical activity. Take some time to relax and prevent exercise while recovering from the root canal therapy.

In Conclusion:

Your root canal specialist near me will help you recover during the procedure and give you specific medication and directions to heal. But, still, if you experience any symptoms of pain and discomfort, then you should visit your Dental Veneers Houston soon.


Contact your dentist and book an appointment. Do not hesitate to contact your dentist if you feel uneasy during recovery.  


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