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Share some Software as a Service - Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-965 exam questions and answers below.
You are part of a new implementation and have the seeded HR Specialist role. You are able to find all the workers in Person Gallery, but not able to view a single worker on the Person Management page. Identify two reasons for this. (Choose two.) 
A.The Person Security Profile in the data role, which is attached to the seeded HR Specialist application role, does not allow the person access to data. 
B.The Refresh Manager Hierarchy process is not run in the instance. 
C.The Public Person Security Profile is set up as View All People in the data role, which is attached to the seeded HR Specialist application role. 
D.The seeded HR Specialist role does not have access to hire the worker in the instance. 
E.The Person Profile is not created for any of the employees in the new instance. 
Answer: A,D

Which three options are true about Oracle Workforce Predictions? (Choose three.) 
A.Performance predictions are available for both teams and individual assignments. 
B.Contingent Worker and Nonworker work relationships are included. 
C.It predicts individual voluntary termination and performance. 
D.It predicts team voluntary termination and performance. 
E.It predicts team/individual involuntary termination and performance. 
Answer: A,C,D

A public holiday message is displayed on the gallery page for the German employees of the organization. 
Identify two reasons why the holiday message can also be viewed by some of the French employees on their portrait page. (Choose two.)A.The employees are terminated. 
B.The event message under the ¡°Public Holiday¡± calendar event category is viewed by everybody. 
C.The French employees have their primary work schedule associated with the ¡°Public Holiday¡± calendar event category. 
D.The French region is associated with the calendar event. 
E.The ¡°Public Holiday¡± calendar event category controls the visibility of the calendar event massages. 
Answer: C,D

An organization wants to include a security profile in an HCM data role and then provision the data role to a user. Identify the option which lists the HCM object types for which the security profiles can be created.A.Person, Organization, Position. Legislative Data Group, Location. Grade. Document Type, Payroll. Payroll Flow 
B.Person, Organization, Position. Legislative Data Group, Country, Grade, Document Type. Payroll, Payroll Flow, Workforce Business Process 
C.Person, Organization, Position, Legislative Data Group, Country, Document Type. Payroll, Payroll Flow, Workforce Business Process 
D.Person, Organization, Position, Legislative Data Group, Location, Grade, Document Type, Payroll, Payroll Flow, Workforce Business Process 
Answer: C

As an implementation consultant, you are in the process of building the enterprise structure. Which three facts about Legislative Data Group must you be aware of? (Choose three.) 
A.Each Legislative Data Group can contain only one legal entity that acts as a payroll statutory unit. 
B.Legislative Data Group supports the configuration of objects with a strong legislative context, such as payroll, absence types, elements, and rates of pay. 
C.It is required to associate country and currency details while defining Legislative Data Group. 
D.Legislative Data Groups can span enterprises 
E.Legislative Data Groups do not span enterprises. 
Answer: B,C,D

An organization has multiple legal entities that need to be registered with more than one jurisdiction Also, legal authority information needs to be printed on statutory reports. 
As an Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud implementation consultant, which three options must you be aware of while defining legal jurisdiction and authorities for this organization? (Choose three.) 
A.Legal authorities are mandatory in Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud. 
B.Income tax jurisdiction needs to be created to report income tax to the legal authority. 
C.Legal authorities are defined in Enterprise Structure Configurator. 
D.When a legal entity is created, one legal reporting unit is automatically created for that legal entity with a registration 
E.Because there are multiple registrations, at least one jurisdiction must be defined as the identifying jurisdiction. 
Answer: B,C,E

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