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Share some IBM Certified System Administrator C9010-022 exam questions and answers below.
The system administrator ran the following command to backup his image repository, but nothing was backed up to the file. Why?
find /media -print | backup -I-f-p /dev/rmt0
A. The block size was not specified.
B. The files in the directoryare larger than 2GB.
C. The tape was not positioned the beginning of the tape.
D. The tape was not formatted.
Answer: B

A P0WER5 520 system is being cloned onto a Power 780. The source system is on internal disks, and the vg01 volume group is mirrored. After installing AIX, which sequence of actions will recreate the vg01 volume group and restore data on the new system?
A. Have all the applications shut down. Create a backup of each filesystem to an NFS mount using the backup command. Restore thefilesystem backups with the restorevgfiles command.
B. Create a backup onto an NFS server using the mksysb command and referencing the correct data volume group Restore the backup of vg01 with the smit fast path smit restmksysb.
C. Have all applications shut down. Use the savevg command to create a backup of the data volume group to an NFS mount. Restore the savevg on the clone system with the restvg command.
D. Shut down all application running from the data volume group. Run the cpio command to write thefile to a local NFS server. Restore command with the backup to recreate vg01.
Answer: C

The following information has been reported in an AIX error log: How can the administrator prevent the error from reoccurring?

A. Create a secondary dump device greater than 266MB
B. Increase primary dump device size greater than 266MB
C. Increase ¡°/var" file system to ensure it has a minimum of 266MB free space
D. Increase "/var/adm/ras/livedump" file system to ensure it has a minimum of 266MB free space
Answer: C

An administrator needs to limit the size of the filesystem cache. Which tuning parameters need to be adjusted?
A. minfree and maxfree
B. minperm and maxperm
C. minfreemem and maxfreemem
D. minpgahead and maxpgahead
E. sb_min and sb_max
Answer: E

What is a component of PowerSC?
A. IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager
B. Red Hat Enterprise Server 7.1
C. Trusted Firewall
D. PowerVM Enterprise
Answer: A

After unexpected system crash, the administrator runs the “df” command and notices that a user file system is not mounted, even though the mount flag is set to “true” in /etc/filesystems file. Which process will mount the file systems?
A. Certify the disks, reboot the system
B. Certify the disks, change the mount flag to “automatic”
C. Change the mount flag to “automatic”, run “fsck” on the file systems
D. Run “fsck” on the file system, run “mount all”
Answer: D

A DLPAR memory operation was attempted and failed. Given the following information, what is the likely caused

A. Source LPAR is using all of its allocated memory
B. Operation timed out
C. Destination LPAR maximum memory setting is too low.
D. HMC RMC daemons are not communicating properly to the source
E. Source LPAR minimum memory setting is too high.
F. Source LPAR maximum memory setting is too low.
Answer: C

Which component must be available to Cluster Aware AIX on each node to support cluster communication?
A. An lPv6 link-local address on each node
B. A dedicated vLAN that is not used for any other purpose
C. An lPv4 network address
D. A disk used only for heartbeat communication

What TWO situations require a Systems Director Management Console (SDMC) instead of a Hardware Management Console (HMC)?
(Select 2)
A. Managing POWER5, POWER6 and POWER7 servers from one interface.
B. Creating automation plans that perform specific functions on a given event.
C. Implementing Active Memory Sharing (AMS).
D. Utilizing Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM) to manage Power Systems blades.
E. Managing Power Blades and Power Systems standalone servers from one interface.
Answer: B,E

An administrator needs to list/query the security attributes for the WPAR syswpar1. Which command will do this?
A. Issecattr-W syswpar1
B. Issecconf-w syswpar1
C. Isattr-s syswpar1
D. Iswpar-S syswpar1
Answer: D

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