Restorative dentistry also refers to procedures that can repair and replace a tooth to give you a healthy and hygienic mouth. This procedure includes cavity filling, root canal treatment, and dental implants. To restore the functionality of the teeth and restore the appearance of your teeth, in some cases, people want one or the other or sometimes both.

What are restorative dentistry procedures?

Various treatments fall under the category of restorative dentistry, such as

Cavity filling

This is the most common restorative treatment that people reach. When bacteria eat out some part of the enamel, the most challenging part of teeth, and creates holes. Then in order to save teeth pulp from the bacteria, your Dentist Spring Branch recommends dental filling treatment to prevent bacteria from reaching the enamel and infecting the tooth.

Root canal treatment(RCT)

A root canal is the most necessary treatment to save your teeth from being extracted. Dentist Energy Corridor recommends root canal treatment when the bacteria inside your mouth eat out the teeth, reach the pulp chamber, and infect the pulp. During root canal treatment, your dentist will remove the infected pulp from inside the teeth, rinse out the infection, and fill out your teeth with a sealant and composite material with cavity fillings. Once your teeth are filled inside, there are minimal chances of getting affected again.


When a tooth becomes infected in some ways, Dental Clinic Near Me Open Now removes the teeth and breaks them off, and it can be reinforced with a crown. In a crown placement treatment, the top part of the tooth shaves down, and the crown is then placed. The dental crown gives both function and a natural tooth look.

Dental implant

If you have a missing or gaps between the teeth or if extracted due to severe decay or damaged tooth, it can be canceled with dental implants. A dental implant is entirely artificial teeth with tooth root systems. The implants are made of titanium, a biocompatible metal that joins with the jaw bone and forms a solid hold.

Memorial Dental surgically places roots in the jaw, and a crown is placed over the seeds. The whole implant gives both looks and functions just like natural teeth, which is why it is considered the best dental treatment with good durability. 


A dental bridge is a treatment in which your dentist places an artificial tooth between two crowns. Sometimes a bridge consists of various teeth in rows of multiples. Moreover, the bridges are held in a place of crowns over your existing teeth or either by dental implants.


A dental denture is the best option if you don’t have healthy teeth in your mouth to function properly. Normally dentures consist of an entire arch and row of teeth. Removal dentures can also attach your gums vis suction and dental adhesives.


Suppose you want to give both functional and aesthetic value to your teeth. In that case, Emergency Dentist Open Now will recommend a dental therapeutic treatment to save your teeth.


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