Criminal sexual conduct is any sort of unwanted or forced sexual crime. The laws regarding criminal sexual conduct are gender neutral and include multiple sorts of sexual contact up to and including penetration. All of those sorts of charges contain a level of assaultive conduct, in order that they typically affect levels of force or intimidation. (Sexual indecency, for instance, wouldn't be considered criminal sexual conduct because it lacks this sort of assaultive nature.)

In Michigan, there are four degrees of those sorts of sex crimes, which we explain on our Degrees of Sexual Criminal Conduct page.

Briefly, the degrees are defined as follows:

1- Criminal Sexual Conduct within the degree

Those who are accused of sexual criminal conduct within the degree are accused of engaging in sexual penetration with an individual under the age 13.

2- Criminal Sexual Conduct within the Second Degree

People accused of second degree criminal sexual conduct in Michigan state are accused of engaging in non-penetrative sexual contact with people under the age of 13 or between the ages of 13 and 16 under certain circumstances.

3- Criminal Sexual Conduct within the interrogation

Criminal sexual conduct within the interrogation involves forced penetration with another person.

4- Criminal Sexual Conduct within the Fourth Degree

And the last but the fourth degree of criminal sexual penetration is when a human being is accused of engaging in non-penetrative sexual contact with another person.

It are often difficult to work out whether someone goes to be charged with first, second, third, or fourth degree criminal sexual conduct when people are making up allegations. For instance, someone may believe they need been accused of touching someone inappropriately, but once Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorney receive the police report, we discover out that the opposite person has alleged penetration.

That’s why it’s so important to possess a lawyer who knows the nuances between the four degrees and thus can work on the simplest defense for your situation.

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