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Which of the following description about eSight is wrong? ( ). 
A. eSight can be used monitor and manage enterprise networks 
B. eSight can only manage huawei's network equipment 
C. eSight supports WLAN device management and monitoring of hot spot coverage 
D. eSight supports configuration file backup and traffic analysis 
Answer: B

When the specified interface running at RIPv2 multicast mode, which of the following statement is correct? ( ) (Select 2 answers) 
A. receive only RIPv2 multicast messages 
B. does not receive RIPv1 broadcast messages 
C. receive RIPv1 broadcast messages 
D. RIPv1 receive multicast messages 
Answer: AB

Which of the following commands is to set the PPP authentication mode to PAP? 
A. ppp pap 
B. ppp chap 
C. ppp authentication-mode pap 
D. ppp authentication-mode chap 
Answer: C

An error occurred when customers access to the FTP server, checked and found the connectivity between the server and the client is no problem, which server port is blocked that may be a problem caused?(select 2 answers) 
A. 21 
B. 80 
C. 20 
D. 50649 
Answer: AC

A company to apply for a Class C IP addresses, but to be assigned to six subsidiary companies, one of the largest subsidiaries have 26 computers. Different subsidiary must be in different network segment, the subnet mask should be set to ( ). 
Answer: D

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