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Share some SAP NetWeaver C_TAW12_740 exam questions and answers below.
Table USER has the following fields: ID, FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME. FIRST_NAME and LAST_NAME have a same basic type and length. You want to compare fields 
FIRST_NAME and LAST_NAME to each other. 
Which of the following SELECT statements can you use? 
A. SELECT * FROM users INTO TABLE lt_users AS a WHERE first_name = users~last_name. 
B. SELECT * FROM users INTO TABLE lt_users WHERE first_name = users~last_name. 
C. SELECT * FROM users INTO TABLE lt_users WHERE first_name = users~last-name. 
Answer: B,C

In which controller type can you embed a service call? 
A. Configuration controller 
B. View controller 
C. Component controller 
D. Interface controller 
Answer: C 
23.Which of the following predefined ABAP types is incomplete? 
A. F 
B. P 
Answer: B

Which of the following statement can you use to set up checkpoints in an ABAP program? 
Answer: A,D,E

DOG is a subclass of ANIMAL, you have created a variable of type ANIMAL that references and instance of the DOG class. 
Which of the following statement can you use to copy this reference a to new variable fo the type DOG? 
A. MOVE ... ?TO ... 
B. WRTIE ... TO ... 
C. MOVE ...TO... 
Answer: A

How is an ABAP program with several dialog steps executed? 
A. The program is always executed in just one dialog work process without roll out. 
B. The ABAP dispatcher takes over the entire execution without assigning any work process. 
C. The program is always executed in just one dialog work process with roll out. 
D. Usually, dialog steps are assigned to different dialog work processes. 
Answer: D

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