Qatar Airways is an air service operator that flies to a total of 170 destinations, specifically in regions of the American continent (North and South), Europe, Africa, Asia and some parts of the Australian continent. If you want to speak with the operator of the company, you can call qatar airways phone number  or choose other means of contact with the air carrier. See below for the different ways to get support on Qatar Airways: Telephone support: For Qatar Airways support via telephone, contact the company by calling customer service and choose the department linked to the reason for your call, see below how to contact Qatar Airways:             Dial the telephone terminal (+974) 4144 555             Press digit 1, for Privilege Club             Press digit 2, to check flight status             Press digit 3, to book a flight             Press digit 4, for existing bookings Email support: For Qatar Airways email support, contact the air carrier by sending an email to [email protected]. Live chat support: Live chat support on Qatar Airways is only available to passengers who are members or who have registered an account with the airline. Access the link “”, and start the chat. Support through social media: To obtain service at Qatar Airways through its virtual pages, search for the name “qatar airways” in the search engine on the digital platform or obtain support by accessing the following links:     Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Youtube: