How does one get ideas for pool lighting? One can find inspiration from magazines, swimming pool design catalogs, or the local showroom dealing in swimming pool lights. The local showroom is more convenient as it allows one to check the swimming pool lights and its effect in person. 

How to take swimming pool light decisions?

Fortunately, there are many options available to choose from when it comes to swimming pool lights. However, selecting pool lights can be tricky as one is not sure which type will work the best. The choice between classic white light or multi-colored light, simple or high-tech lights has to be figured out. 

Key points to consider for pool lighting. 

Pool Finish 

The color of the pool plays a crucial part in how the swimming pool lights appear. The interior surfaces of a pool reflect light if it's colored medium or light. If the interior is colored dark, it will absorb light. Therefore, it’s preferable to go for white lights for better reflection. 

Pool Size 

So how many pool lights will one need for proper brightness in the swimming pool and surrounding areas? The pool size determines how many lights are needed for the pool. One light will be sufficient for a pool size of 15 ft x 30 ft. A 20 ft x 40 ft pool size will require two lights, and a greater pool size will need three or more lights. 

The common wisdom is that less is more in the case of pool lighting since the water acts as a reflector. Another guideline is one spot for every 3 to 4 meters. The lighting underwater is usually fixed at half the water level along the length of the pool and in a straight line.

Pool light color 

If visibility and safety is the top factor, then white light is the best choice. It is also classic and simple and can match any swimming pool color. If looking for the “wow” effect, color-changing pool lights are a great choice.  

Lighting in surrounding areas

When one thinks of swimming pool lighting, the underwater lights on the pool's walls come to mind. It is seen trees, plants, or artworks surround many swimming pools. The lights can also be placed in these areas on poles or garden spots. The lights reflect perfectly on the swimming pool and accentuate the pool contours. One can use indirect lighting via waterproof LED strips if the swimming pool is higher than the surrounding areas. 

Inground and above-ground swimming pool lighting

The pool lighting also varies if the swimming pool is in-ground or above the ground. One can use wall-mounted kits or magnetic lighting kits for installing lights. The lights mounted on the wall, terraces, and ledges can be used if the pool is inground. 


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