One of the most sought-afterequipments required for decorative fountains is the Submersible LED lights. These lights, as evident from their name, suggest that they are designed and manufacturedso that they can remain under the water continuously, reliably and safely.

The submersible lights inside the fountains are used for providing colourful lights during evening and night times.  

General features of submersible LED lights

Excellent and sturdy constructionEfficient and safe Low power consumptionHigh-intensity of lightElegant and attractive glow

Effects   of Submersible LED Lights

If you want to illuminate the fountain,then consider having an underlighting light. The underwater lights cast an interesting glow on the pond and the fountain water and tend to attract people. The lighting effect enhances the visual appearance of the fountain.

Submersible LED lights are best suited for those fountains with waterfalls or those that create a dancing effect on the ceilings or walls with the movement of fountain water.

Submersible led lights are easier to install in fountains. It gives you more flexibility in choosing the placement position of the lights. The other advantage is that you can hide the wires and lighting fixtures. It also does not disturb the existing fountain structure, as there is no requirement to adjust any fountain feature to install the lights.

However, it must be mentioned that submersible LED lights are moreexpensive to install and require greater maintenance than theirexternal counterparts, such as Submersible Fountain Pump With Led Lights.

Types of submersible lights & effects – an overview

Chrome LED Underwater lights

Application/usage - Fountain


Body Material-Chrome

Base Type-Stainless steel

Stainless steel LED Submersible Light

Material - Stainless Steel

Type of Lighting- LED

Lighting Color- Warm White

Application/ Usage - Swimming Pool

Weight- 0.2 kg

White And Yellow Chrome Submersible Ring Led Lights

Power - 10Watt

Material- Chrome

Lighting Type- LED

Colour- Yellow and White

Product Type - WaterLight

Nozzle Type- Light

Underwater Light Show

This submersible light is used for an underwater dance party. It has a dazzling light with the discos ball with pre-set shows, andcolours turn randomly to create a dramatic light show in a pool.

Power – runs on 3 AA batteries.

Material- Chrome

Lighting Type- LED

Colour- 7 different changing colours

Product Type – auto switch off

Glass Pure White 2000W Underwater Fishing Lamp Cage, For Aquarium

Power - 2000 Watt

Application / Usage – aquarium

Colour - Pure White

Body Material - Glass

Voltage - 220 Volt

Lighting Type- LED


Submersive lights come invarious designs, shapes, and colours and have a variety of effects on fountain pools. They are expensive, buttheir results are worth every penny. After completing their fountain project, many homeowners realize they need submersible lights for that special effect. This happens whenthe water features are not visible during the evening or nighttime. However, there is no need topanic as it is not impossible to install the lightsunderwater as one can get a professional light installer or waterscape designer such as Furaat Bustaan to sort it out.