Fountain pumps have multiple uses in residential and commercial applications. They are designed in such a manner that water flows supplyto fountains for creating patternsand enhancing visual appearance. They are also used for aeration purposes to commercial,industrial,and residential applications.

Fountain pumps can be used indoors and outdoors. Their configuration varies according to the size of the pond or pool and whether the application is functional or decorative. Many fountain pumps are solar-powered and combine with suitable pumps to create special landscape and garden features such as waterfalls. Many decorative pumps, including submersible pumps, come in various configurations.

Imported Submersible Fountain Pumps used in indoor fountains are smaller than outdoor pumps. They are measured and differentiated by gallons of water they can pump in an hour.

Why is a submersible fountain pump required forgarden construction?

A Garden with fountains lends an aesthetic touch to a property. When constructing a   garden during a property development plan in advance, many builders have the right type of fountain pump required. For a water fountain of small size, they generally opt for imported or Indian-made submersible pumps depending on the project's budget. Submersible pumps are mostly outdoor in nature and can pump substantially more water than, say, an indoor fountain pump. They are also easy to install and have a noiseless operation.

Decorative fountain pumps are used in garden fountains and tabletops. Here the fountain equipment is contained in a sump or above the ground-level reservoir instead of a pool or pond. 

Fountain pumps function like sump pumps, where the water is sucked back into the reservoir orpond instead of allowingit to go outside. This is important for a garden as it helps avoid water flowing out and creating a mess. Fountain pumps also recirculate stagnant water in pool or pond and help to reduce the build-up of algae, and prevents mosquito breeding.

A centrifugalpump in nature, the fountain pump moves water usingthe pressure created by centrifugal forces caused bythe impeller movement. The free-flowing water collectsoxygen whenpumped tothe fountaindevice and sprayed water tothe surface. This helps to provide aeration and enable microbial action for breaking down wastewater and provide oxygen to the fish in ponds or farming tanks incase theyare provided inthe garden.

A small submersible fountain pump is necessary if the builder is constructing a new gardenfountain. The pump can either be built in DIY mode, but builders usually go for readymade models available in the market.

Final thoughts

When selecting Submersible Pump With Led Light, Indian or imported, a few things must be kept in mind. The pumps can either be powered by solar energy or electricity. Considering it will be used outdoors, the fountain pump should ideally be submersible as it will hide the equipment and wires from public view and make the garden look uncluttered and beautiful. The submersible pumps are also very quiet when operating, and homeowners would not like the noise to disturb them or their guests.