In addition to the benefits Bamboo Pillows

provided by solid memory foam, shredded memory Bed Pillow foam offer adjustability and better ventilation.


Cooling Gel Infused Bamboo Pillow


Side sleepers bamboo pillow require greater loft than back sleepers in order to reduce the pressure from shoulders. When shoulders fall under the stress of extra weight, the joints and muscle wear down. Further, side sleepers often have the bad habit of Shredded Memory Foam Pillow letting the upper leg slip down and rest on the mattress, twisting their spine and putting it in an unnatural position. To prevent this, side sleepers must put a pillow between their knees.

Some memory foam pillows Memory Foam Pillow are infused with cooling gel. This is true for both solid and shredded memory foam pillows. Cooling gel Buy Bamboo Pillow is a special kind of chemical that stops the Memory Foam Pillow from retaining body heat. And because of less heat retention, your pillow stays cool and provides relief from night sweats.


The pillow case contains shredded memory foam rather Firm Pillow than a solid block.

So if you put more memory foam inside the case, the loft and firmness of the pillow increases.



Ventilation Of Bamboo Pillow

While a solid block of memory foam Pillow for side sleepers  retains hot air, shredded memory foam enables hot air to escape easily, keeping your pillow cool.

Who Should Use Bamboo Pillow?

Shredded memory foam pillows are perfect Sleeping pillow for all sleeping positions:

?     Back sleeping

?     Side sleeping

?     Stomach sleeping


Because of adjustability, all types of sleepers can customize the pillow according to their own preferences. Still, here are some recommendations for different sleeping positions:

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers should adjust the pillow to meet the following characteristics:

?     Loft: 4-6 inches

?     Firmness: medium-firm

We also recommend that you place a pillow beneath your knees.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers should adjust the pillow to meet the following characteristics:

?     Loft: 5-7 inches

?     Firmness: firm


Stomach Sleepers

Generally recommended again, stomach sleeping puts additional pressure on both the lumbar and cervical spine.

However, if you can’t correct your sleeping position, then follow the recommendations provided below:

?     Loft: 3 inches or less

?     Firmness: soft


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