Most Bangladeshis rely largely on their jobs as a source of income. The population of this country is over 167 million.

Despite the fact that a large portion of them are in abject poverty. As a result, the government increased the amount of employment available in all economic sectors in an effort to address the issue.

Is Bangladesh Still a Country Where Employment Background Checks Are Important?

 Bangladeshi businesses use background checks on potential employees to assess if they qualify for the position owing to a criminal past, traffic offenses, poor credit, or a false educational or employment history," the claim's conclusion reads.


The Bangladesh pre-employment background checks law also strictly regulates the hiring of local workers and the obligations of the employer and employee.

Examine the choices listed below before deciding which is best for your company….

What Are the Different Types of Background Checks?

Proof of Education

An applicant's educational history and degrees are verified through this background check. It confirms the information provided on their resumes and employment applications to make sure that they possess the educational background claimed.

This is crucial for jobs that call for specialized training and higher degrees.

Workplace Verification

Research is done to verify information on the resume, including prior employers, dates of employment, job titles, and responsibilities.

This demonstrates that a job candidate possesses the experience required to carry out the duties of the position.

The majority of companies in a variety of industries frequently use this kind of background check.

Referral checks

Both professional and personal references may be consulted during a reference check, and both will help the hiring manager get to know the applicant better.

From someone who has worked with your candidate, you can learn a great deal about their personality, character qualities, and skills.

Working directly with patients or customers, as well as anyone in a position of trust within an organization, calls for extra attention to this.

Professional Licenses

You can verify that they have the required certification or license for the employment in addition to checking the educational institutions' backgrounds for degrees.

These include, but are not limited to, medical professionals, nurses, educators, attorneys, and construction workers.

Why Are Background Checks Important?

With more businesses use them, background checks are becoming more crucial.

It's crucial to know what you need and why, especially with the abundance of services and information.

There are seven very good reasons why background checks should be done on all job applicants:

To provide a secure workplace for both employees and clients.

To hire the most qualified workers who will help your business grow rather than hurt it.

to lower the risk of employee accountability through the use of "due diligence" in the hiring process.

In order to encourage openness during the application and interview processes.

To dissuade applicants who have something to hide.

To make the hiring process more clear-cut.

Just going with your gut is insufficient.

               5 Benefits of Background Checks in Bangladesh

Employers in Bangladesh are able to hire dependable, accountable candidates who will provide value to the business.

Such evaluations are essential to a company's performance since they ensure:

Improved candidate quality when hiring: Hiring reputable and competent people contributes to an improvement in the organization's total productivity, which in turn boosts revenue and workplace effectiveness.

Reduced likelihood of negligent hiring: Negligent hiring can pose a number of concerns to workplace safety, financial loss, etc. Employee screening reduces the likelihood of careless hiring.

Enhanced regulatory compliance: A multinational PEO/EOR service provider can assist firms in adhering to federal regulations and industry norms. They can avoid legal problems as a result.

Assuring workplace security: The importance of workplace security cannot be overstated. Each employee has a right to a secure, healthy, and clean workplace where they can go about their everyday business without jeopardizing their physical or mental health.

Reduced substance abuse: Regular background checks on current employees help to lessen the likelihood of drug use at work. Employees take on greater accountability and initiative.

96% of employers in the United States do at least one type of background check, according to a research.

Are Background Checks Permitted in Bangladesh?

Employers in Bangladesh are not prohibited from screening applicants by the Labor Act. As a result, an employer can investigate potential hires' backgrounds.

They might also use outside contractors to conduct the candidate screening. Employers, however, are required to warn candidates and get their permission before collecting sensitive personal information for a particular check.

Employers are not permitted to inquire about a candidate's protected characteristics, such as race, sex, or religion. Employee discrimination is prohibited in Bangladesh.


Employment background check websites help you locate the best candidates and tenants by revealing high-risk criminal histories and credit histories.

Additionally, it can verify past employment, education, and references from both personal and professional networks.

The results of most job background check services are available in a matter of days, but the most thorough reports particularly those that include foreign data might take weeks. These background checks may cost more, but you will ultimately save money by getting them.


Do background checks cover all bases?

Ans: A review of your employment history, identification, financial situation, and criminal record may be part of the procedure.

Employers use background checks to confirm your information and assess whether you are a risk to them. By being ready, you can avert any bad surprises.

How are background checks on employees conducted?

Ans: It entails a number of checks, including the employer checking at your address, identity, CV, and academic and professional background.

After the applicant successfully completes all phases of the interview process, the process can take up to 10 working days to be finished.

What questions do past employers receive in background checks?

Ans: The background check company will particularly inquire about the candidate's positions and titles, employment dates, job responsibilities, pay, reason(s) for leaving the position, and suitability for rehire.