Why Should You Go For Coworking Office Space                                                                                                                               

A typical coworking space user is a self-employed person, a telecommuter, or a freelancer. Some firms utilize the spaces to give equipment, space, and services to their employees that they would not be able to afford otherwise.

Joining a shared office space means seeking a new opportunity and becoming a member of a professional business community.

The work space for rent was the fastest-growing kind of office space in the pandemic. While they presently account for less than 5% of the market, they are predicted to account for 30% by 2030. (CNBC).

Focus Points,

1. The beauty of coworking spaces is that they function as genuine human environments. Talk to your coworkers and Community Managers about it.

2. Instead of the solitude of working from home, the shared office space provides social possibilities, networking opportunities, and general human connection.

3. The flexibility is enabled by the work space sharing which allows a larger percentage of the workforce to react to shifting demands.

What May Be The Benefits For Coworking Space

Remote Work Solution: Employees can work remotely in a professional atmosphere taking work space for rent.

Back office support: The majority of coworking space and serviced offices have professionals on hand to provide you with office services. Professional receptionists, secretarial services, IT assistance, office and building maintenance are provided.

Simple user friendly agreement: The majority of shared office space have created contracts that are 'user-friendly,' eliminating superfluous conditions and restrictions seen in commercial office leases.

Networking opportunities: You may run into other residents while out for lunch or picking up a package from the reception desk, so networking isn't always formal. These interactions encourage networking inside the work space community.

Increased productivity: This is particularly true for small company owners who operate from home. You don't have to worry about not being able to get things done because the shared office is open 24/7.

Estimated Pricing For Coworking Space

Coworking service


Daily Pass

$45 to $55/ per day

Part-time desk 

$35 to $45/ per day

Monthly membership

$350 to $400/ per month

Permanent desk 

$650 to $750/ per month

This can be the overall pricing but it differs from country to country. The other factors where the price can differentiate include amenities, locations, etc. while you go for shared workspace. 

Coworking Office Space V/S Traditional Office Space

Coworking Office Space

1. Networking opportunity: There always remain more networking opportunities for the employees in a work space for rent

2. Flexibility: Employees get more flexibility in the coworking space for work.

3. Privacy: Privacy is less for employees as this is a shared workspace. 

4. Pay-as-you-go: The cost depends on the particular time when the shared office is used only. 

5. Surroundings: Young people who are a little noisy and have a lot of energy like to frequent work space sharing. 

Traditional Office Space

1. There are fewer networking opportunities in the traditional office space than in a work space for rent. 

2. Employees get comparatively less flexibility in traditional office space than in the shared office. 

3. Enough privacy for the employees is served in the traditional office space. 

4. There is no such system for paying in terms of traditional office space. 

5. A serious environment exists in the traditional office compared to the shared office space. 

What Mistakes Need To be Avoid For Successful Coworking Space

Some crucial issues can make the coworking office space a loss step if not chosen carefully. 

1. Lack of Privacy: Every employee should have privacy and take care so that others’ privacy is not hampered while taking a work space for rent. Lack of privacy can be avoided together. 

2. Limited space: Depending on whatever shared office space you join, you'll have different options for the type of space you get. Before renting a work space the number of employees should be considered carefully. 

3. Personality conflicts: In a coworking space with a large number of people, there will undoubtedly be some friction. Perhaps it's a personality clash, or perhaps it's simply a lack of space.

4. Noise problems: The locations of the shared office should be selected carefully. For example; the construction noise can distract the employees from work.

5. Restrictions: Every shared office space has various restrictions, it is necessary to maintain the restrictions so that the employees or any other do not face any problems. 

6. Criminal Check: Though this is a coworking space situation the criminal record check of the employees should be done properly, it is necessary for a safe environment.  


Take the effort to introduce yourself to new members of the shared office, regardless of your personality type. Nothing compares to making a positive, welcoming first impression on a coworker.

When you work for yourself, it's critical to understand your constraints. The act of assisting one another is ingrained in the culture of workspace for rent.

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Coworking has grown in popularity throughout the world, and shared workspaces have developed to keep up with the changing ways we work.

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