Marketing has always been about value. What do you need? What problem can we solve? What convenience can be realized through our products or services? These questions are valuable to your audience. Even luxury items are sold based on the idea of them being intrinsically valuable.  

“Wait, this sounds like content marketing,” you’re saying. Partly, yes. Content marketing is a subset of inbound marketing, but isn’t the whole kit and caboodle—just a piece of a larger strategy. 

When the first automatic pop-up electric household toaster came out, well, there’s your value proposition right there in the description. That’s an easy sell for anyone who loved toast but hated having to flip or watch their bread to make sure it doesn’t burn. (And to be honest, I still accidentally burn my toast on occasion.) 

This is inbound marketing in action—forming connections with your audience and solving problems or answering questions they have. It starts with traditional content, but then expands to include more engagement. And when it’s done right, you can provide white glove service and value to your key audiences.

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