Hardware & Networking happens to be a lucrative career field amongst the youth. Likewise, the Hardware and Networking domain is known to be amongst the highly compensating and fast developing space in the IT sector.

Want to be a part of this domain?

CRBtech is a best training institute for hardware & networking training in Pune. CRBtech is the place where an exhaustive online hardware and networking training & placement program. This program provides hands-on training in Hardware & Networking. After all, this field is all about doing rather than just knowing!

A hardware professional possessing networking skills happens to be a valuable asset to any organization and is hence favored at all times. The universal usage of laptops, computers and the Internet has led to an extended scope of hardware and networking verticals. Thus the demand for such professionals is always on the rise.

The company provides the training with in-house trainers, that would train you in sync with the needs of the industry. To the level that you can begin working from the first day itself. The industry expert trainers are aware about the industry requirements and they know how to mold a candidate who starts from the beginners level in Hardware & Networking. With their expert coaching, job aspirants will have an inside out knowledge about the industry, so as to hit the market with confidence and be successful in their careers!

The company provides the students with unlimited interview calls, till they get placed. Candidates just need to focus on their training sessions, as we provide guaranteed placement. The company's aim is to make sure that each and every trainee is a finished product and job ready before taking a plunge into the professional environment. Hence, you will also be trained on not just the core aspects of the language, but the technical/scientific terminologies in that language as well.

Along with Hardware & Networking Training Program, CRBtech also provides unlimited interview calls,  training from corporate trainers,  Earn & learn program,  Lifetime support guarantee,  GD-PI & Aptitude preparations,  HR grooming & Mock interview sessions, Technical GD & German Language sessions,  Project guidance on latest technologies, upgrade bilingual skills to the next level, and collaboration with 500+ clients, etc.

Who is CRBtech?

CRBtech is the best hardware and network training institute. “We are the future, we are CRB Tech” is a well established training and career development company. With an experience of over 15 years, CRBtech's focus has always been on training engineers in domains like IT, Mechanical, Electrical, Clinical Research etc. Assuring overall development of the candidate, we not just focus on the technical training part, but also cover aspects such as soft skill development, foreign language training etc. 

This add-on skill-set facilitates 360° development of the candidates. Up till this point, we have taken 550+ sessions and placed them in various companies. We assist them to lay down their career path with a good beginning in the industry. CRB Tech boasts of a 500+ placement client base. That means, a sea of placement opportunities for job seekers. After all, we believe that “Jobs are owned by the company and you own your career!”