Have you ever experienced something like you have a party to attend or you just received a call for an interview that is tomorrow and it seems like you have nothing in your wardrobe except your casual T-shirts and baggy jeans and don't know what to wear? But wait, you have T-shirts in your wardrobe and are still feeling distressed?  Then this T-shirt style guide is just for you that might help you in coping up with these kinds of messes. Whether it's your formal business meeting or casual family gathering, T-shirts are what you can wear every day and everywhere gracefully.

As there are a huge number of classic women raglan shirts options all around you, finding a funky, decent, and cool-styled T-shirt that is the right fit for you might feel like a hassle. For this purpose, I have shortlisted the top 8 casual t-shirt styles that you can check out. So, either use them these ways or style them in your own way, it's all up to you.

1. Collared T-shirts:

Collared T-shirts have always been in the trend that you might know as polo T-shirts. These T-shirts are usually made up of knitted cotton and are mostly half-sleeved for timeless comfort and a classic look. They are either equipped with two to three buttons on the neckline. No button collar shirts are also available in the market that most women love to wear.

Their cute adorable looks are enough to make everyone fall for them but are most popular among teenagers because of their old-school vibes. Whether you wear it casually or at a friend's birthday party with a denim jacket on and jeans or trousers of your taste. They will always look adorable and cool at the same time.

2. Round neck T-shirts:

Round neck T-shirts are loved for the versatility that they bring with them. The neck is round and no collar is present. They are perfect wear for summers with light pretty prints engraved on them and a majority use them as their casual wear. However, if it is called versatile, there are several reasons for that!

You can wear them when going for an interview with blazers of any kind available in your wardrobe. Style them with your jeans, trousers, long skirts, pants, and much more. Moreover, wear them on hiking on hot summer days and it will save you from getting exhausted by the scorching heat. It comes in both full and half sleeves with vibrant colors and patterns that will get you through.

3. High neck T-shirts:

High-neck T-shirts tend to give bossy and sophisticated looks more than any other T-shirt. Wear them with an overcoat and its high-toned design not only makes you look elegant but also makes you feel it.

This coat and T-shirt is a combo blast that makes it a perfect wear for winters, call it casual or formal, it has aced both.

You can wear high-neck T-shirts casually when going for a walk in the neighborhood. So, Put on your sneakers with this shirt on and boost up your confidence. Also, Tons of colors of this T-shirt are present in the market that you can choose as per your preference.

4. Women raglan shirts

The style that Raglan T-shirts portray is just so dope! They are made keeping in mind easy and effortless movements of your arms to make it extra comfortable for sports and style at the same time. They are either made up of polyester or cotton and sometimes a mixture of both. The fabric is continuous from collar side to arms just like sports jackets and sweatshirts etc.

Furthermore, raglan t-shirts come with contrasting sleeves in different colors catering to an exclusive sporty appearance that is loved by people. You can get Raglan shirts in bulk from a number of stores available both online and in stores.

5. Camouflage T-shirts:

These kinds of T-shirts have another level of enthusiastic spirit that you can feel after wearing them as they highly resemble the prints on a military uniform. Camouflage T-shirts can be a perfect kick start to your military training or to go mountaineering or any other adventurous ride. They come in several vibrant colors that you can choose based on your taste buds.

This is also armed with a blend of cotton and polyester that tends to enhance its durability and your comfort. Apart from high-powered tasks, they can be worn as casual ones in the house or when hanging out with friends. They also come in both full and half sleeves and fabric is what you can get as per your preference.

6. Asymmetric T-shirts:

Asymmetric T-shirts come in both long and short sizes of various styles. The significant feature of this shirt is its symmetry which is longer on the one side and shorter on the other, calling it left and right. Few T-shirts give modern Kurti vibes that are high on trend these days and then comes flare asymmetric hem T-shirts portraying glamorous looks. This loose yet elegant-looking fit ensures cozy and comfortable wear for going to college and at a friend's birthday party.

Just like their styles, their fabric also differs greatly. Linen, cotton, and polyester are the common ones. There are a lot of cool, printed, and plain asymmetrical T-shirts that can be styled either with pajamas or jeans.

7. Cold shoulder T-shirts:

Cold shoulder T-shirts are also high on trend these days, most popular among teenage girls or college-goers. They come as both long-line T-shirts and short casual T-shirts. With the increasing fashion industry, cold shoulder T-shirts are high in demand.

This can be a perfect match for people who love to style minimalistically but still wanna give a contemporary factor to it. They come with plain, printed, and striped textures adding to their versatility and your convenience. Materials are not limited to one or two, they include cotton, viscose, linen, and a lot of other materials.

8. V-neck T-shirts:

V-neck t-shirt design is not new, it's conventional, right? Leaving T-shirts aside, it has always been part of traditional dresses and still going on. Being chic and classy, these T-shirts have marked their use in sports shirts and casual ones. They look stylish, provide ultimate comfort and keep you relaxed and cozy all day.

V-necked shirts look pretty cool with leather jackets or coats over them along with lit white sneakers. Get your favorite hues that you need to keep in your wardrobe, half or full sleeves, it is all up to you.


T-shirt styles have no boundaries, they come in a number of designs that become trends and people keep switching from one style to another. However, style doesn’t define comfort. For this purpose, this whole guide is here for you. You don’t need to compromise comfort over style when you can own both at the same time. You can take the example of women raglan shirts that are being used in so many different ways.

I hope that you have found your perfect and most craved style from here. There are hundreds of styles that you can look up to while staying relaxed and comfortable. Take care of the quality of the fabric that you are going to buy, because if it can’t carve a way for durability then its charismatic personality also wouldn’t last long.