Enjoy this free online Mahjong game that the mahjong masters have provided for you! Mahjong is played by turning and tapping the tiles. Matching pairs of unblocked tiles are cleared by clicking on them. Play now without cost!
An Overview of Mahjong online.

An ancient game called Mahjong was created in China roughly a century ago. Four players and 144 mahjong tiles were used to play traditional mahjong. It's a pleasant social game that brings people together from different social groups. Match identical mahjong tiles that are free of sides and are not covered according to the straightforward online mahjong rules. You can match any special tile, including flower and season tiles. By clicking the question mark in the top-right corner of the mahjong games, you may find out more information on scoring and how to play mahjong. Because the game has a time limit, you should challenge yourself by matching the tiles rapidly. The best part: Mahjong can be played online without being downloaded!


Facts Worth Knowing About Mahjong Games

Our free mahjong games include basic tiles (dots, bamboo, characters), honor tiles (winds, dragons), and bonus tiles (seasons, flowers).


The Chinese word for mahjong is "sparrow." Mahjong tiles clacking while being shuffled sound like sparrows chirping.


Mahjong games are played at weddings as well as at lunch and dinner in Chinese restaurants.


Is it mahjongg, mahjon, mah-jong, or mah-jong? Depending on how you translate it from Chinese, they are all accurate.


A set of mahjong rules that are more similar to the traditional Chinese game than the Japanese or American versions was issued by the British Mahjong Federation.


You can now play the online version of mahjong 24/7 by yourself, making it less of a purely group activity. Enjoy!