Bulk V Type Mixer Product Description The V shaped mixer consists of a slowly rotating drum that gently slides the product over its smooth inner walls for unforced mixing. V shaped mixers are commonly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and related industries to mix dry powders and granules. It consists of two inclined cylinders connected together in a "V" shape. Through mechanical transmission, the powder in the shell moves back and forth, and is continuously split and mixed with the rotation of the shell to achieve the final uniform mixing. Normal cycle times are usually in the 15-minute range; however, depending on the difficulty of the mix, it may be less. V-blenders can be equipped with booster bars to help mix and break up materials. Product parameters ModelModel of auxliary vacuum pumpBarrel volumeMax loading volumeMax loading weighMixing timeMotor powerBarrel speedOverall dimensionWeight CH-50VW250L20L20kg0-99min0.75kw20r/min1250*450*1060mm160kg CH-100VW2100L40L40kg0-99min1.1kw15r/min1620*500*1480mm220kg CH-200VW2200L80L80kg0-99min1.1kw15r/min1800*600*1850mm280kg CH-300VW2300L120L120kg0-99min1.1kw12r/min1900*650*1850mm320kg CH-500VW2500L200L200kg0-99min2.2kw12r/min2500*800*2050mm550kg CH-1000VW31000L400L400kg0-99min4kw10r/min2850*1050*2050mm950kg CH-1500VW31500L680L680kg0-99min5.5kw10r/min3400*1100*3200mm1200kg CH-2500VW32500L1200L1200kg0-99min11kw8r/min3820*1100*3200mm2040kg CH-4000VW44000L1800L1800kg0-99min15kw6r/min4600*1300*3500mm2800kg CH-6000VW46000L2500L2500kg0-99min18.5kw5r/min5500*1300*4380mm3200kg Feature V shaped mixer for solids and powders, with rotating drum, ideal for mixing processes where products with very fragile forms must be complied with, or for applications with high batch-to-batch cleanliness requirements . Application V shaped mixer is suitable for mixing items such as pharmaceuticals, health food, feed, dyes, seasonings, chemical raw materials, etc. powder, granules, additives, adhesives, spices, etc.Bulk V Type Mixer website:http://www.hdgrinder.com/mixer/v-type-mixer/