When starting a business it can be a little difficult to navigate.

Mainly when it comes to starting a business you have to have the

right mindset strategies if you intend to create a successful business.

Strategy 1

Today I will give you six mindset strategies to help you drop the employee mindset.

Unless you head right into your own business after finishing school (whether high school 

or college), this will be your most difficult mindset to overcome. Let's take motor club of america for instance. Motor club of america members usually start their business while they are still employed. Many take the direction and instructions from their clients the same way the would from their boss. This can be dangerous on two levels. First of all, YOU are the expert in your field. There's a good chance that many of your clients don't even understand what it is that you do, or cannot do what you do. Unlike a boss in a traditional job, they can't offer you useful advice. Secondly, if you treat your clients as a boss, you are giving your power away. This may not hurt you now, but eventually in the future months to come it will in the form of unclear tasks, and plenty of other client issues that can easily be avoided when you treat your business as a business, not a job where you are only the employee. Employees have bosses, your starting a business.

Strategy 2

 When starting out as a independent MCA agent it could be difficult to get your head around this, mostly because you are too busy pleasing several clients or bosses. You can never say no, hardly negotiate, rarely consider your own needs, and you pretty much do whatever they ask of you, just as you would as an employee. When you begin running a business, your mindset has to change. You will need to prioritize your own schedule over your clients schedule. You need to say no to some projects while learning how to work as an equal with your clients, not as their employee. Once you do this, life and your business growth will become much easier. Your clients need to understand that they need to work with you, you will be able to schedule your tasks more appropriately and even make more room for personal projects. Your boss at your company is responsible for your growth. When you are in a business you are the only one responsible for your growth. Clients won't know about your business intimately and rarely would they care if you are able to grow your professional business. This is all up to you because employees have one boss and you have many clients.

Strategy 3

3.  Running your MCA business means, there are no annual performance evaluations, to fill out in order to get a pay raise. You determine your worth of your service and charge accordingly. Too many undersell themselves because they are stuck in an employee mindset. This is the mindset you have to get away from. Determine your worth and then stick to that. If it means renegotiating with existing clients then so be it. You will then find out the worth of your work and you might be surprised to find it is higher than you thought. If a client is not willing to pay what you're worth, don't be afraid to walk away from it. See employees get raises and business owners make sales.

Strategy 4

4. As an employee you are provided training to show you exactly how the company wants the job to be performed. This is sometimes not the case when you have a business for yourself. That's not the case with MCA because, they provide you with training material and your very own business website. You can never ask a client for directions on how to accomplish a task. Clarification about instructions is one thing, asking for direction is another. Its like telling your client you don't know what your doing. That's bad for you and your business. The client is paying you for a service they either don't have the skills or the time to do it themselves. That's why they enroll with you, the expert, don't question your abilities. Approach every task with a can do attitude and boost your confidence. Employees will need training but, you are the expert when you're in business for yourself.

Strategy 5

5. When you work for a company as an employee you get paid by the hour. Well guess what? When you know you are paid by the hour you rarely work as hard as you can. I remember a job I had as emergency equipment installer where one of the most common phrases was "It all pays the same", meaning you got paid for eight hours regardless of how much you got done. As a motor club of america business owner you need to do better than that. You have to distance yourself from the pay by the hour mentality. Quote your rates by the sales, not by the hour. This will ensure that you are putting  your best foot forward each and every time. This also shows clients that you view your expertise as valuable, rather than viewing your time as valuable. You will get paid more for expertise than you will for your time. Employees get paid for their time, you get paid for your service.

Strategy 6

6. The reason for stepping out on faith and starting you MCA business, is to be able to create your own road to success. If this is not your reason then you're better off becoming the perfect employee and climbing the corporate ladder as quickly as possible. With that being said, don't get stuck with the idea that you have to run your own business the same as everyone or anyone else. It's your business and you are free to do with it as you see fit. This means you can test new ideas, try new areas and create your own version of success. The only one you need to measure up to is, that's right, yourself. Employees follow a path, you create your own road to success.